40 Travel Fails That Prove No One Knows What They’re Doing

Traveling isn’t easy. As exciting as it is to arrive at a brand new destination, sometimes the process it takes to get there hardly seems worth the trip. Whether it’s spending long hours on a plane next to a screaming baby or missing your flight because of the long security line, travel presents plenty of challenges, some of which are easier to deal with than others. 

Even if you’ve got your traveling etiquette under control, that doesn’t mean everyone else around you is on the same page. From the ridiculous to the straight-up rude, take a look at these 40 hilarious fails brought to you by people who don’t know how to travel. 

1 A Different Kind of Armrest Thief

When your seatmate hogs the armrest and not-so-gently elbows you out of “their” space, it already feels like an unforgivable affront. But this…this is beyond the realm of basic human decency. 

A Little Mood Music

Pro tip: A plane ride is not the ideal time to practice your new hobby. 

2 The Dangers of the Ocean

The ocean may look peaceful, but you never know what’s hiding in those waters.

The Perils of Overpacking

You can’t go anywhere without your hair dryer. 

3 An Unfriendly Local

If a sign says “No pictures, please,” you better take that seriously. Lesson learned.

Packing a Suitcase Is Harder Than It Seems

You either have way too much or you forgot something essential, there is no in-between. 

4 There’s No Privacy At 30,000 Feet

Ma’am, please keep your eyes to yourself. 

Nap At Your Own Risk

Don’t close your eyes for a second, lest your meal be taken away from you. 

5 Practice Makes Perfect

Your fellow passengers might hate you, but at least it keeps your hands busy. 

A Barefoot Adventure

Why do all the rules of human decency go out the window on an airplane? 

6 The Faulty Transportation

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The passenger might be good, but the post-flight transportation is struggling. 

The Woman Holding Up the Entire Security Line

Technically she’s not wrong. 

7 A Genius or a Sociopath?

Sir, that is not the proper way to use your screen! 

The Mealtime Mastermind

Tuna in an environment without any natural airflow is never a good idea. 

8 The Instagram-Obsessed Traveler

Was the cute video worth the painful fall? We think not. 

The Fragrance Fiend

You may love your signature scent, but that doesn’t mean everyone around you will like it as much as you do. 

9 Living in the Past

Someone didn’t plan their in-flight entertainment very well. 

A Traveler With Cruel Intentions

Now, this is just plain mean. 

10 An Unexpected Passenger

We have so many questions. Most importantly, did someone purchase that seat for their little plush burger friend? 

No Rules

You can pretty much do anything you want in the airport, even if you shouldn’t. 

11 The Person Taking Full Advantage of The Empty Seats

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Who. Does. This?! 

Protect Your Luggage

What a sad realization that must have been. 

12 The Baggage Carousel Can Be Dangerous

Well, that’s one way to ensure no one will accidentally take your bag. 

The Strict Rule-Follower

Her heart was in the right place, but she, unfortunately, didn’t bring her brain with it.

13 The Informed Passenger

Which airline chose to offer this as entertainment? 

The Dreaded Crying Baby

Remember the parents are just as miserable as you are.  

14 Suitcases Have Wheels For a Reason

Step one in becoming a successful traveler: Learn to use your suitcase. 

A Fun Family Vacation

Well, at least the kids are quiet. 

15 A Painfully Honest Response

Julie is sick and tired of helping people. 

The Persistent Passenger

There’s one on every flight. 

16 A Gutsy Model

A note to everyone: A good photo isn’t worth risking your life. 

An Exciting Train Ride

It was the trip of a lifetime. 

17 The Nasty Nail Clipper

Planes are not the place to take care of your personal hygiene.  

Shoes Are Still Important

Please keep your shoes on, your fellow passengers are begging you! 

18 Respect the Headphones

You don’t have to talk just because you’re sitting millimeters away from each other. 

A Quick Double-Check

Shouldn’t you know by now? 

19 A Meditation Break

The airport might not be the best place to meditate, just a thought. 

The Distracted Traveler

How does one simply forget to board a plane?

20 An Overly-Friendly Traveler

Honestly, he should take this secret to the grave. 

On the Dangers of Traveling With Kids

Next time, just leave the kids at home.

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