You must absolutely go to one of these original Montreal bars

Bars are more than just a place where you can get an alcoholic beverage. The proof: here are 10 original bars in Montreal that are worth the trip.

Montreal is a destination full of restaurants, but also bars of all kinds that make it a dream place for night owls. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy an aperitif with friends or a place to spend long hours trying the house’s specialties, there’s certainly no shortage of options! Of course, some bars are more out of the ordinary than others. We suggest you check out one (or all) of these 10 original bars in Montreal. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

1 Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre

You don’t need to be a lover of Mexican food to step into Nacho Libre. This bar, located in Little Italy, offers you the opportunity to savour delicious alcoholic beverages while enjoying its many swings (yes, swings) or retro video games that make it one of the popular and entertaining places in this neighbourhood of Montreal. Note, however, that Nacho Libre servers don’t wear Mexican masks as one would expect (or hope!).

2 Candi Bar

If you have a sweet tooth, you will certainly enjoy Candi Bar, a place dedicated to alcoholic beverages made with candy. The Candi Bar décor, which includes bright colours, legos (yes, you read this correctly) and leggy stools with suspender belt, recalls Andy Warhol-like aesthetics. This is a place to discover if you can’t live without a sugar dose after every meal.

3 Randolph

This pub is a must for board game enthusiasts. The Randolph, which features over 1,500 games, offers you a moment of relaxation and entertainment with friends, beer from various microbreweries, cocktails or even “potions”. Of course, the Randolph staff is responsible for finding a game that suits you and happily explains to you all the rules. If you feel like it, you can also eat one of the many dishes on the menu.

4 Ping Pong Club

Located in the Mile End, the Ping Pong Club is one of the most original bars in Montreal to know, especially if you enjoy hitting some balls. The decor is filled with picnic tables and plants of all kinds. You can come and relax for an afternoon and stay until the wee hours of the night.

5 North Star Machines à Piastres

This bar, which offers beers and other specialized cocktails (such as a North Star Sour made with bourbon, lemon, syrup and red wine) will please fans of old-school games. Indeed, the North Star has the particularity of having an impressive collection of pinball machines, some dating from the 60s. This is certainly one of the most beautiful retro bars in Montreal to visit! Don’t hesitate to go and have your picture taken in the photo booth.

6 Chez Serge

Chez Serge
Le Cahier

This sports bar, located in the heart of the Mile End, is the only place where you will find a gigantic mechanical bull to test your balance. Go there during hockey season to fully enjoy the 6 Panasonic screens and 2 Sharp projectors showing the game while drinking a Molson Ex.

7 Soubois

Soubois is a restaurant, but also a bistro specialized in cocktails made by mixologists. To access it, you must enter a “cottage” on Maisonneuve Boulevard West, then descend into a basement. You will then discover Soubois and its breathtaking scenery. You can enjoy the alcoholic beverages of this original bar, but also eat delicious local dishes prepared with care by the bar chefs.

8 TRH-Bar

Eater Montreal

This bar is known for its musical events as well as its skateboard ramps! That’s right! Here you can drink Pabst and practice your favourite sport.

9 Bar George

We are far from the TRH-Bar with this establishment that combines both modernity and history! In fact, Bar George takes is located in the heritage house once owned by Sir George Stephen, a prominent businessman who created the Canadian Pacific Railway. You can eat British classics with a modern Quebec style or drink several delicious drinks while admiring the stained glass windows dating back more than 300 years, the Ceylon lemonwood panellings as well as the 22-carat gold chandeliers.

10 Le Record

This Villeray neighbourhood bar, specialized in music from the 40s to the 70s, has an impressive collection of vinyl that collectors will truly appreciate. If you loved the Feu Bleury, you will love this intimate and cozy bar where beer, cocktails… and popcorn are served!


All the reasons are good to go out in the metropolis but you now have an even better excuse with these original bars. Whatever your style or passions, you’ll find the perfect vibe in one of these must-see places.

Cover photo credit: Globeater