Top 10 best vegan restaurants in Toronto

O Toronto, vegan heaven, where are your best vegan restaurants?

Toronto doesn’t disappoint when it comes to vegan restaurants, or anything, except maybe rent prices—but this is off topic. Here is our selection of the best places to eat if you enjoy vegan cuisine. Whether you love healthy, greasy, cheap or fancy food, we’ve got you covered.

10 Fresh (on Front)

#6 according to our users

Fresh is a Torontonian vegan chain of restaurants; you can find them on Eglington, on Spadina, on Bloor, on Queen and on Crawford, as well as on Front. The latter is the 2018 addition to the business and is the only place where you’ll also find craft cocktails.

Fresh is well-known for its tasty dishes, but it started off as a juice business. Today, they still offer delicious raw juices you can drink on location or grab to go.

9 Planta

#7 according to our users

Planta is where Asian cuisine meets vegan cuisine in charming chic decor. This is your upscale, full-service dining option. They have three different locations, two of them being downtown and another one in Yorkville. One of their downtown locations is actually Planta Burgers, and, you will have guessed it, serves burgers!

8 Selam Vegan

#3 according to our users

Selam Vegan is not your typical vegan restaurant. In addition to enjoying the vegan diet, you will be able to taste Ethiopian cuisine as well since the establishment is a fusion of the two. This is the place to be if you want to share your vegan meal between friends or family members.

7 Hello 123

#5 according to our users

Who said vegan had to be pricy? Hello 123 is your affordable vegan restaurant and bar on Queen Street. They are super healthy, which is always a nice bonus. If you fall in love with them, you will be pleased to know they also have a location in Montreal.

6 Rosalinda

#4 according to our users

Rosalinda is a vegan Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the financial district downtown TO. With its numerous plants and big windows, you’ll have the impression to be in the jungle—or at least in a greenhouse for the least imaginative souls out there.

5 Vegandale Brewery

#1 according to our users

Just in case you thought vegan was a synonym with healthy, here you have your typical pub food. Delicious AND vegan carbs? YES. Moreover, Vegandale is the only vegan brewery in Toronto. Because no, most beers aren’t vegan, sorry to break it to you…

4 Parka

#9 according to our users

In a nutshell, this one is the spot in Toronto for comfort (vegan) food. It’s pleasantly located on Queen Street west, near graffiti alley. The restaurant made several commitments to sustainability, noticeably sustainable packaging options and reduced waste.

You will love the place, especially if you love sleek designs. Oh, and don’t miss out on their Truffle Mushroom Mac, it’s delicious!

3 Hogtown Vegan

#8 according to our users

Hogtown Vegan has two spots: one on Bloor, the other one on College. No matter which one you choose, rest assured that you are at the #1 spot for vegan brunch. The place has healthy choices as well as non-healthy ones, which we appreciate. Variety is fun!

Both places serve brunch and dinner, with the option to order a vegan cocktail, a beer or wine. Be aware that the College location has a younger crowd since it’s near U of T.

2 Veggie D’Light

#2 according to our users

Veggie D’Light is another fusion restaurant, this time where Caribbean cuisine meets vegan. If you are gluten-free or have any kind of intolerance or allergies, this is a good place for you as they are very flexible and accommodating. Located in the heart of the Kensington Market, you will be able to stroll calmly as you are digesting a wonderful meal.

1 Hibiscus Café

#10 according to our users

This one is quite a hidden gem in Kensington Market, but don’t miss it! There, you will find savoury crepes, gluten-free ice cream cones, as well as cookies and squares. All of which are vegan, of course.

Bon appétit!

Cover photo: Louis Hansel | Unsplash