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Vegan keto picnic made simple: 15 recipes to get inspired

By Marie – on in Food
Take your plant-based low carb lifestyle to the park. Get inspired for an easy-made, summery and colourful vegan keto picnic.

Guacamole and celery sticks are a sure bet, but you might want to pack a little something else for a filling and fun picnic basket. While the art of a plant-based high-fat diet can get tricky, feasting at the park without straying from your healthy eating habits of choice doesn’t have to be. Add variety and flavour into your very own déjeuner sur l’herbe with these recipe ideas for the ultimate vegan keto picnic. Get inspired and made the most of your summer by gathering up a delicious cold meal and dairy-free low carb meal and taking the road. Here are 10 easy, sunny and delightful recipes to take to the park.

Introducing your new picnic staple. This poached radishes potato salad will make you forget about the real thing which is no small feat.

Fill them with keto veggie burger patties, tempeh, tofu or just low carb veggies and your favourite sugar-free condiments and fold them roll them. Can’t go wrong with this fresh, easy and low-calorie option.

Keep it colourful and dairy-free with this low-carb vegan coleslaw salad recipe.

These low-carb coconut wraps let you go crazy with fillings and we are on board with anything that includes avocado.

A little crunch, a little spice and ready in 15 minutes, what’s not to love.

Don’t feel like baking keto bread? This grilled zucchini sandwich idea is what you need. The vegan option of this recipe includes either tempeh bacon and guacamole or hempfu (“tofu” made from hemp seeds) and basil pesto.

Fresh, crunchy, fatty, colourful nori rolls are always delicious, but especially so when eaten in the sun. Use cauliflower rice or feel free to skip that part altogether.

Eat them as is with a side of creamy sauce or use them as a wrap filling.

Get creative and avoid getting bored with salads with original and flavourful recipes such as this one.

Does your picnic trip involve any kind of hiking? You might want to give this recipe a try!

Because vegan pesto makes everything better.

Go all in and pack up a nice spinach pie that will not kick you out of ketosis.

Sometimes, what makes a picnic is all the little sides to munch on. These crispy cauliflower chips will do exactly that and will go perfectly with guacamole.

Of course, we didn’t forget dessert.


Whether you are planning on packing a whole basket with jars and bringing utensils or if you are going to be travelling light, these recipes are the perfect choice to enjoy yourself at the park in good company or on-the-go the plant-based way without going out of ketosis. Because a vegan keto picnic doesn’t have to be boring nor complicated.

Cover credit: Matilda bellman | Unsplash