Keto brunch: 21 good reasons to sleep in

Wake up late and feast like a queen (or king) with these high-fat low-carb breakfast recipe ideas. Keto brunch is the best way to break your fast.

Judging from social media, most keto eaters also happen to be intermittent fasting lovers. But if you have yet to jump on the no-food-until-late bandwagon and enjoy the benefits of this fairly newly popularized practice, here are some delicious reasons to skip breakfast. And if you are not interested in fuelling your weekday mornings with nothing other than bulletproof coffee, these keto brunch ideas are perfect for a, in this case not so traditional, late Sunday morning followed by a high-fat midday sweet, salty or a bit of both feast.

1 Baked eggs with tarragon chive cream sauce

Simple, yet refined.

2 Greek shakshouka with halloumi

Traditional with a cheesy twist.

3 Chocolate granola cluster

For those who like it light and sweet, but still very filling.

4 Loaded “potato” casserole

A childhood classic, minus the carbs.

7 Chicken and waffles

Comfort food at its weirdest.

8 Lox omelette

To be eaten on a hot summer day, on the balcony or in the garden. Or any other time and place.

9 Prosciutto-Wrapped Avocado with Goat Cheese and Arugula

A valuable addition to any fancy keto brunch.

10 Smoked Haddock and Spinach Frittata

The far from boring version of quick and easy.

11 Cream Cheese Crêpes

Almost cake, still very low-carb brunch appropriate.

12 Avocado toast

Because basic never tasted so good. (Although this version is everything but.)

17 Zucchini fritter eggs benedict with prosciutto and tomato

Who needs carbs when you’ve fritters, prosciutto and Hollandaise…

18 Cheesy broccoli, kale and zucchini noodle casserole

Is it a frittata? Is it a low-carb pasta casserole?

19 Maple French Toast with Peanut Butter filling 

Suddenly, everyone goes keto.

20 Smoky pulled pork breakfast hash

A Mexican breakfast taco skillet for the adventurous.

21 Lemon blueberry muffins

A breakfast potluck go-to.


Whether you like to start the day with sweet or salty food, this high-fat recipe selection is certain to hit the spot. From lazy Sunday mornings to lively brunches with friends, family and one or two keto-friendly cocktails, these delicious high-fat low-carb recipes are the perfect way to break your midday fast and regret nothing.

Cover credit: Maddi Bazzocco | Unsplash