20 best glamping locations across the world for every budget

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is now available in every part of the world in a wide range of experiences and prices. Here are 20 glamping sites that have retained our attention, for every budget.

Not sure what exactly is glamping? We got you covered. If you’re looking for glamping specifically in Quebec, Canada, look here.

The pricing scale we used is the following, per night per person:

$ = less than $100,
$$= $100 to $200,
$$$= $200 to $400,
$$$$=$400 to $1000,
$$$$$= more than $1000

1 Collective Vail, Colorado, USA ($$ and up)

A retreat at 4 Eagle Ranch in Colorado is a moment where you can do lots of things or nothing at all, as you wish. With such beautiful scenery, either case seems totally fine to us!

2 Longitude 131°, Australia ($$$$)

That big rock? Yeah, that’s Uluru, a sacred place to the Pitjantjatjara and a UNESCO world heritage site.

3 Camp Navarro, California, USA ($$$)

Next, Camp Navarro offers a wide variety of facilities just 2 hours outside of San Francisco. It’s probably the greatest place on this list if you are planning a getaway with a large group of people.

4 Dômes Charlevoix, Québec, Canada ($$$)

Beautiful and eerie, no matter the time of the year!

7 Ridgeback Lodge, New Brunswick, Canada ($ and up)

Located in the Maritimes, this is the perfect getaway for couples looking for a relaxing and romantic time.

8 TreeHouse Point, Washington, USA ($$ and up)

Speaking of romantic, TreeHouse Point is just the perfect location for a wedding or a honeymoon, just saying…

9 Camp Adounia, Morrocco ($$$)

Please sleep in the desert now. You can thank us later. It truly is a special place you should see at least once in your life, and it becomes even more magical at night.

10 Maderas Village, Nicaragua ($)

Maderas Village seems like paradise on Earth for travellers looking to travel differently. It’s more of a community than a glamping site, where you can do yoga, surf and connect with people.

11 Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland ($$$$$)

This might be the best use of domes we’ve ever seen. Doesn’t it feel like you’re gonna see Santa Claus and his reindeers flying in the sky at any moment?

12 Tedesco Eco Park, Brazil ($$)

This seems like the perfect getaway with your friends and/or significant other. Tedesco Eco Park offers something that is quite close to an all-inclusive deal, minus the alcohol.

13 Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort, Portugal ($$ and up)

Surf, skate, swim, sleep, repeat. Oh, and get a spa treatment too.

14 Limnos Windmills, Greece ($$)

This glamping site offers you the unique opportunity to sleep in one of the historic windmills of Limnos.

15 Le village de la Champagne, France ($ and up)

Next, the Village de la Champagne offers a wide range of glamping experiences for all budgets.

16 Garh Jaisal Haveli, India ($)

This might be more hotel than glamping, but we couldn’t resist including it on this list. Who could say no to spending the night in an 11th-century fort overlooking the city, and for such a low price?

17 The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize ($ and up)

The Lodge at Chaa Creek offers cheap cabins for backpackers as well as more luxurious accommodations.

18 Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, British Columbia, Canada ($$$$$)

This beautiful seasonal glamping on Vancouver Island can only be reached via boat or floatplane. As far as glamping goes, this is one of the best spots in the entire world. This might explain why Scarlett Johansson chose to spend her honeymoon there…

19 Nomad Tanzania, Tanzania ($$$$)

Live the safari experience while sleeping comfortably with Nomad Tanzania.

20 Elephant Hills, Thailand ($$$)

Last but not least, this Thai paradise is right in the middle of an elephant sanctuary. You get to discover the amazing jungle life and sleep in luxurious tents if you go on a safari with them (2, 3 or 4-day trips are available).

Cover photo: ymgerman | Bigstock