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Glamping: the ready-to-camp formula, an accessible luxury

By Marilou LeBel-Dupuis – on in Life
Glamping has been trending for nearly a decade now. If you've never heard of it, it's never too late to discover glamorous camping, aka glamping.

This trend was born in the UK in 2007 and slowly made its way to North America, where it’s becoming more and more popular. Doing glamping means going camping without having to carry all the necessary equipment while living comfortably. Are you intrigued yet?

Glamping is the response to our nature deficit—the fact that we are spending less time than ever surrounded by nature. Even if we want to spend a few days in the forest or by the sea, we don’t necessarily want to equip ourselves in camping gear. Or say goodbye to our comfort. Or surround ourselves with strangers on a campground. Once again, glamping is the solution.

Glamping is, in fact, a ready-to-camp formula, or turnkey solution if you will. This type of accommodation is already built, comes with comfy beds and more often than not everything you need to cook. The type of habitation varies, but most glamping constructions are made of wood, canvas or repurposed materials.

In Canada, ready-to-camp is available in all provinces and many national parks. On a global scale, glamping is everywhere in all sorts of weather conditions, from tropical rainforests to Scandinavian winters. Here are a few of its variations.

1 Cabins and Tiny Houses

Chalet hiver ciel étoilé forêt
emiclo007 | Instagram

This formula is very popular in Canada and elsewhere. With its comfort and privacy, it’s quite obvious why!

2 Traditional Lodging

Tipis flottants sur lac
domaine.pourki | Instagram

Glamping draws a lot from traditional habitations across the world. From teepees to huts and yurts.

3 Campers

old camper in wilderness
ryanautocamp | Instagram

Vintage campers are quite in demand, with their unique charm. Most of them are revamped with modern technologies to make your stay even more enjoyable.

4 Tents

Colorful tent at nigh
hushnestretreats | Instagram

This is by far the closest you’ll get to a classic camping experience when it comes to glamping. Except, you know, these tents are way more spacious, lighted and welcoming. Forget your traditional tent shape too, and try prospector tents and domes.

5 Tree Houses

maison dans un arbre avec vue incroyable
finest_travel_goals | Instagram

Satisfy your inner child with a tree house glamping stay. If a tree house isn’t enough, you could also glamp in a tree bubble. How’s that?

6 Bubbles

Under the stars dome
selected_travel_goals | Instagram

Giant clear bubbles are also a thing you could sleep in, allowing you to become one with nature.

At last, no matter what type of glamping you are into, being in nature alone, with your significant other or family is always good for you. Enjoy!

Cover photo: Bad Moon Glamping | Facebook