Wrapping our heads around edible packaging

You can now have your wrapper and eat it too. Could edible packaging be the end of plastic?

Innovative companies have been taking zero waste to the next level offering us serious eco-friendly food for thought. From wraps to spoons, our future disposable packaging and utensils could also be part of the meal. Scientists have been studying and developing different materials to replace plastic wrappers and paper containers with a much more ecological alternative: one you can munch on. Think the whole concept of edible packaging can be somehow unappetizing? Fair enough. After all, it is meant, among other things, to protect your food and create a barrier between what you will be ingesting from you wish not too. Does that defeat the whole purpose of these incredible breakthroughs? Not really. No one has to truly eat them for these revolutionary packages to be just that, because edible mainly means biodegradable and compostable, which is more than good enough. In fact, it might just be what the world needs. Wonder what edible packaging looks like? Here are some of our favourite on-the-market and still-in-prototype-form products.

1 Zero Waste Takeout

Some bold restaurants and daring food companies such as New Zealand burger chain Better Burger, Brazil fast food restaurants Bob’s and European plant-based food and drinks brand Alpro have given a shot at zero waste takeout. Although only for a limited time – in honour of International Earth Day and Plant Power Day for instance – people could order burgers wrapped in a material made of potato starch or rice paper, as well as a plant-based chicken and chips meal served in an edible bucket made from nuts, seeds, and spices.

2 Loliware

Loliware makes tree-free and plastic-free highly bio-degradable turtle-friendly straws and other goods out of seaweed.

3 Bakeys

India based startup Bakeys offers savoury spoons you can bite on.

4 Do Eat

In addition to their great approach to design, Do Eat pretty much stand by their name. Their edible tableware takes tthe trash out of to-go orders.

5 Evoware

Evoware’s efforts towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle feed our curiosity towards the future of packaging.

6 Markham’s Candy Cutlery

Candy spoons and mini cups: Could edible tableware could be any more enticing.

7 Ooho

Forget about plastic bottles and cups, or any kind of vessel for liquids for that matter, Ooho serves you water, juice, ketchup and more without a container. Marathon aid stations will never look the same.

8 Make Grow Lab

Make Grow Lab’s 100% compostable and fast-renewable material called Scoby is weaved by microorganisms. Basically, waste-free packaging made from waste. What beautiful irony.

9 Biotrem

With Biotrem’s dishes and cutlery, your garden party’s trash never has to leave the garden.


So, the future of zero waste is bright, and edible, with this new up and coming type of packaging. And while edible is a fun and attention-grabbing and very real way to put it, these inventions are really just 100% safe for the environment, compostable and biodegradable material. So picky eaters and others worried about the sanitation aspect of it all can rest easy, you really don’t have to eat it.

Cover credit: Christopher Flowers | Unsplash