Colombian butt lift: worth a try or to avoid completely?

By Marie – on in Beauty
A new dubious trend is emerging for those who will do anything for a curvaceous butt. After the Brazilian butt lift, it is now time for the Colombian lift.

The quest for a Kim Kardashian derrière continues and this time it is a rather unusual method that is gaining in popularity. Unlike the Brazilian butt lift, this new procedure is non-surgical and does not involve any injection. However, it is said to provide beautiful, extra-curved buttocks and even reduce cellulite. The secret: suction cups. No plastic surgery, then, but is it still safe? Here are the undersides of the Colombian butt lift, also known as vacuum therapy.

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The procedure of the Colombian butt lift

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The Colombian butt lift literally consists in sucking the buttock to lift it up and give it volume. To do this, huge plastic suction cups are installed on each buttock of the patient, who must wear a thong. The machine is then turned on and suction is then carried out on the region concerned. This pumping should supposedly relocate the fat cells to the desired area, the top. How long does one stay connected to this industrial butt pump? The complete treatment requires 6 to 10 sessions, one and a half hours each. This long procedure without anesthesia is said to be painless, but let us doubt it. And maybe your butt won’t be the only one suffering from it; so will your ego.

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Results of the Colombian butt lift

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Companies offering this treatment promise an increase in gluteus maximus of up to 70%. Possible, considering the swelling that probably results from such a procedure. Before/after images do show a volume gain in the buttocks area, but how long does it last? It seems that a complete treatment can last about a year. The Colombian lift would also help restore the skin’s elasticity.

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Our opinion on the new trend of the Colombian butt lift!


Surprise! We do not recommend this strange method. Certainly, the Colombian butt lift is non-invasive and therefore probably a better choice than injections or, worse, implants, from which we have all heard horror stories. However, the safety and effectiveness of sucking the buttocks of women seeking volume remains uncertain. In our opinion, this technique is more like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge craze than a valid method in obtaining a backside worthy of that of her older sister.

So, what’s the best way to get round, bouncy buttocks? The gym.


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