What color should I dye my hair? These hues are #goals

By Emma – on in Beauty
Need inspiration to pick your next hair colour? From white blond to jet black and everything in between, you'll have enough ideas to show your colorist!

Sometimes, altering your appearance can do you a world of good. It might sound silly but a simple haircut or colour change can boost your confidence; you’ll smile more and stand straighter. Adding highlights, lowlights or even getting a balayage can greatly impact how you feel about yourself. But, once you decide you’re ready for a change, how do you determine which colour or type of highlights to choose? What colour should you dye your hair? Well, we’ve got more than 10 ideas for your next look. From lilac hair to jet black locks, you’ll have enough inspiration to find the perfect colour for you.


White blond


Baby pink


Buttery blond


Ashy blond

Lilac hair

Rose blond


Brown with amber highlights

Rich chestnut

Brown with balayage

Rich chocolate brown

Deep brown with baby highlights

Dark brown

Jet black

Taking time for yourself to enjoy a hair makeover can be almost as beneficial as taking a mini-vacation if you’re feeling stressed or need a pick-me-up. It doesn’t matter if it is a barely noticeable change only you and your colorist can see or a drastic one like dyeing your locks pink, which will make your friends do a double take. Changing your hair color won’t change your life but it might make you wink at yourself when you find yourself in front of a mirror.

Cover photo: Suhyeon Choi | Unsplash