5 Daily Gestures To Refocus On Yourself

By Sophie Granger – on in Health
Other people's emotions affect you? You absorb both good and bad ones? You often feel mentally and physically empty because of an overflow of emotions? If so, you're probably a hypersensitive person, and the only way you can beat these kinds of aggressions and stimulations that comes your way every single day is by allowing you some me time, putting the world on pause, and let go.

To achieve self-fulfillment and self-improvement, you sometimes need to clear your head off from negative thoughts, and let go. Unwind yourself to avoid being invaded by everything that’s going on in your life at the moment, and listen to yourself carefully to never lose from sight what’s good for you, is an absolute proof of self-confidence.

Here’s 5 activities that could help you refocus on yourself when you need it. That will help you be happy, and to reinforce your emotions management.

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Home Relaxation and Beauty Care

Maddi Bazzocco | Unsplash

A lot of small and low-cost gestures have the power to make you feel good: taking a bath, exfoliate your whole body, then hydrate it, applying a facial mask or a hair mask, or even applying nail polish on your fingers. These little self-care moments are perfect to reconnect with yourself and stop thinking to anything else than your wellness. It can also help you reduce your anxiety.

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Listing Your Goals

Glenn Carstens-Peters | Unsplash

Listing your goals for the 5 years to come is a great way to realize what is really important to you. You will also be able to start thinking about the concrete actions you will have to accomplish for making you goals a reality. The most interesting part of that activity is to separate your actual goals from your dreams, the things you really want to work for from those that are only fantasies.

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Creating Something

crafting materials
Jasmin Schreiber | Unsplash

Drawing, writing or crafting are only a few activities than can be very therapeutic. You can find many easy and pretty DIY ideas on Pinterest to decorate your home, for example. Nothing is more satisfying and positive than creating something yourself, even if it isn’t perfect. If nothing inspires you on that level, you can also make cookies or cakes, it works well too.

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Doing Some Physical Activity

Arek Adeoye | Unsplash

From going to the gym to doing push-ups and crunches at home, or even going for a walk, physical activities are the best way to empty your head from all your concerns and to allow you to focus on yourself. Exercising is tiring your body in the most positive way possible, but it also brings you happiness, pride and confidence.

Organizing your space


Cleaning your apartment can seem boring on the spot, but it’s essential for your mental stability and to keep a healthy living. You’ll see, you will think more clearly, you will sleep better, and you will be happier with a well organized and cleaned living space. No need for your apartment to be spotless, you only need to feel good at home to want to spend time there.

living room
Wade Austin Ellis | Unsplash

The point is, you only need to find an activity that pleases you. Something that’s not too complicated or demanding, so you’ll want to repeat it regularly. And for those days when you really don’t want to do anything at all, call you mother of your best friend. People who know you by heart and who love you always know how to comfort you, and bring the real you back. You can also try meditation. Find what’s working for you!

Sophie Granger

She's never more honest than when she's writing. If her articles can inspire some of them, then she will have finally found her place in the world.