8 Chinatowns to visit in different cities around the world

There are Chinatowns to visit in most of the world's major cities. Some are more essential than others!

Travelling allows us to learn a lot about other cultures and to open ourselves to the world. However, it is not absolutely necessary to fly 14 hours to learn more about other peoples. Indeed, in the majority of the major cities of this world, there are sectors that allow us to escape. Of all these places, there are many Chinatowns to visit. Here are 8 to consider when planning your next trip.

1 San Francisco, California

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Considered one of the largest in the world and one of the oldest in North America, San Francisco’s Chinatown is absolutely worth a visit. Situated directly in the city centre, the always well-decorated place plunges us directly into Chinese culture with its architecture and its luminosity. This is where Buddha’s Universal Church, the largest American Buddhist temple, is located.

2 Bangkok, Thailand

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There are several inescapable things to see in Bangkok’s Chinatown like the golden Buddha, the most important golden statue of the world. The latter is located at Wat Traimit, a Buddhist temple next to the famous China Gate, the western entrance to the district.

3 London, England

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Located in Soho in the city of Westminster, London’s Chinatown overflows day and night with curious tourists and delicious restaurants. Although it is small, it manages to quickly impress us with its breathtaking scenery.

4 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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It is in the Belgrano sector of Buenos Aires that the small Chinese quarter of the city is located. Despite its small size, the place offers us many interesting restaurants and shops and plunges us for a moment into a culture to discover.

5 New York, United States

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Just steps from Time Square, south of Manhattan is New York’s beautiful Chinatown. In this famous place, you can taste the best dishes of Chinese cuisine such as the famous Chinese ravioli called dumplings or gourmet soups composed of ramen noodles. It is a must in the city that is called the Big Apple.

6 Paris, France

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Whether you are in the Belleville neighbourhood, the rue du Maire neighbourhood or even the rue Sainte-Anne neighbourhood, you can cross magnificent Chinatowns. On the other hand, it is certainly the one in the 13th arrondissement that is the most talked about despite its different architecture. The latter, called the Choisy Triangle, is a meeting place for many Chinese communities, but also for many tourists. Do not miss the beauty of Buddhist centres.

7 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Bringing together many Asian communities, the Chinatown of Amsterdam makes us discover several Asian cultures such as Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, etc.. Take the opportunity to visit the Buddhist temple Fo Guang Shan and fill your stomach with the best restaurants in the area.

8 Singapore, Malaysia

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Singapore’s Chinatown is perfect for long walks and learning about a beautiful culture, with its pedestrian areas in the evenings and free Wi-Fi in many areas of the neighbourhood. Although it is not the most popular place in the city, it remains a must for tourists.

9 Vancouver, Canada

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Let yourself be carried away by Chinese magic as you walk through the doors. As the largest Asian neighbourhood in Canada, this majestic place in British Columbia attracts many tourists each year.


No need to go far to discover another culture! No matter which country you choose on your next trip, you will certainly have the chance to visit one of these beautiful Chinese neighbourhoods.

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