Here’s where to go to learn about street art in Montreal

By Marie-Pier Hamon – on in Travel
Street art in Montreal has become very popular. Proof: Mural Festival is solely dedicated to this urban art! Here are 10 urban works of art to discover.

Street art is very popular in London, New York, Toronto and Montreal. It is a contemporary art form that corresponds to several bold techniques (such as graffiti, stencil and mosaic) and is made in public places. Street art can, therefore, take place on walls, on the doors of public establishments or on train wagons. If you want to learn about street art in Montreal, here are some places to visit.


The kind of grand-mother you want

Art de rue – Photo par Kris Murray

On Saint-Laurent Boulevard, expect to meet an original grandmother, to say the least. This work was created by ASHOP, a collective of Montreal artists. These artists have, by the way, created a painting that reacts to heat. Impressive, isn’t it?


A visit to the museum

Planning to go to the McCord Museum in Montreal? Why not take the time to admire the mural of contemporary artist 1010 at the intersection of President-Kennedy/Victoria streets. 1010, who lives in Germany, is known for his works of art with various optical illusions.


Kim Jong Il “immortalized”

At the corner of Saint-Cuthbert and Saint-Laurent street in Montreal, CAZO Factory had the daring idea of immortalizing Kim Jong II on a wall with his popularity… This photo was taken by David Tremblay Monfette.


Tribute to Alys Roby

Art de rue

Have you ever been caught humming the lyrics to Alys Robi’s songs? You should probably go for a walk on Ontario Street in Montreal. In fact, Dan Buller and Rupert Bottenberg painted the Quebec star on a mural, and she’s a beauty!

Who loves Montreal?

This mural, entitled “Who Loves Montreal?” was created by Nicolas Fortin. You can admire and photograph it at the corner of Bellechasse and Christophe-Colomb.


Art de rue

This work was realized by the Londoner Ben Eine in collaboration with the Vins du Val de Loire in the framework of the last edition of the Mural festival. Eine is considered one of the greatest street artists. He is also considered an innovative artist in the exploration of graffiti lettering. You can see his mural at 3585 avenue du Parc.

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen has marked more than one generation. Kevin Ledo, a Montreal artist, paid tribute to him in his own way at the intersections of Saint-Dominique and Napoléon streets. You have probably seen this work before on Instagram or on Pinterest. Why don’t you go see it for yourself?


Art de rue

Street art takes on a new dimension and form with this work by Spanish artist Demsky. You can capture all its essence at 3547 Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Sad woman

This mural is the work of Dean Stockton, known as the artist of D*Face. He has been making street art in London for 15 years. It is not without reason that his name is well inscribed in the British cultural landscape. To see this sad-looking woman, go to Saint-Laurent/Prince-Arthur.

Industrial hands

This work was made by a talented American artist: Gaia. You can watch these gigantic hands grab industrial buildings at the corner of Canning and William St. in the Griffintown neighbourhood. This is how street art in Montreal can make grey buildings much more beautiful!

Benjamin Moore transformed into Montreal street art

Art de rue

At 200 Rachel Street East, you can discover a work made by LSNR as part of the Mural Festival. Lucas Saenger, by his artist name LSNG, makes street art inspired by many different styles and designs. He can include abstract forms as well as neutral landscapes in his works of art.


At the intersection of Papineau and de Fleurimont street is a huge mural created by Mateo. This Montreal artist, who divides his time between street art and studios, has painted in Montreal, but also in France, the United States, Spain, Mexico, and Argentina, among other countries.

A shadowed character

This shadowed character was made by Michael Reeder in collaboration with Fido. Reeder is known for his work with bright colours and characters. He is interested in identity as well as portraits and individuals. You can see this singular character at 3547 Saint-Laurent Boulevard.


It is interesting to see murals and urban art in concrete terms. However, if you don’t want to step outside, the Google Cultural Institute allows you to see several works of this type on its Street Art Project site from the comfort of your home. So you can learn about street art in Montreal in a totally virtual way!

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