Toxic relationship signs: 10 ways to recognize them and take action

Toxic relationships are unhealthy and devastating. Here are 10 toxic relationship signs to find out if you are in such a relationship.

You’ve probably already heard about toxic relationships. These relationships are not unhealthy at first sight, it is over time, and several bad habits, that one (or sometimes both) partners develop certain devastating behaviours that eventually cause the other person to suffer. However, it is possible to detect toxic relationship signs and, in this way, to be able to cope more easily. If you think you are in this type of relationship or if you think someone you know is, here are some clues you should pay attention to.

1 Your partner constantly criticizes you

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There is a nuance to be made between constructive comments and criticism. If you notice that your partner is constantly criticizing you and this creates a negative and unhealthy atmosphere in your relationship, you should probably try to resolve this situation or get out of this relationship. In fact, you do not have to suffer the criticism of your partner and the tension that comes with these remarks. What’s the point of being in a relationship if it brings more suffering than happiness?

2 Your relationship is too fusional

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There’s nothing positive about having a relationship that’s too fusional. Indeed, this can lead to each partner forgetting themselves at the expense of the loving relationship. It can also lead partners to fear separation, even for a short period of time. It is extremely healthy to give yourself space within your relationship. An outing with friends or colleagues should under no circumstances become a source of conflict or concern.

3 Your partner doesn’t have many friends

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One of the signs that may indicate that you are in an unhealthy relationship is the fact that your partner does not have many friends. Indeed, people in these types of relationships tend to want to hide it from their loved ones, so they have few friends or simply keep their distance. This is definitely a toxic relationship sign to look out for.

4 There is a lack of communication in your relationship

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Communication is obviously essential in friendship as well as in love. A lack of communication can lead to loneliness, but also isolation, especially in conflictual situations. It is extremely important that you discuss your emotions with your partner. If you are not comfortable saying what you feel, what is the point of having such a relationship?

5 Your spouse is not looking for solutions in conflict situations

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If you have a fight with your partner and you notice that his or her attitude is hostile, this is not a good sign. It is normal to be angry with the other person when you are experiencing a conflict, but you must go beyond your feelings to find a solution and prevent the dispute from escalating. A closed attitude can only lead to another argument.

6 Your partner is emotionally dependent

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Emotionally dependent people are at greater risk of having unhealthy relationships. Since these people are frequently faced with concerns and uncertainty about their relationship, this can create a lot of stress, jealousy and, potentially, disputes. These are, of course, anxiogenic relationships.

7 There is no support from the other person

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When you are in a relationship, you necessarily expect your partner to support you, no matter what happens. If you are not able to get emotional and physical support from your partner in everyday life, especially in more challenging times, this may not be the right person for you.

8 Your relationship is an accumulation of struggles

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As mentioned above, you should be getting happiness from being in a relationship, not suffering. If your relationship is more of a Shakespearean drama, you should probably consider ending it…

9 One partner exercises control over the other

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Another sign that may indicate that you are in a toxic relationship is the fact that your partner has control over you. You should not have to live with the pressure and control of the other person: you should be able to behave and express yourself as you see fit and, of course, flourish through your loving relationship.

10 They keep accusing you

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Your partner constantly accuses you of being the source of disputes or, worse, of his or her misfortune? It is normal for you to feel some frustration. These accusations can also affect you emotionally and morally over time. It is best to talk to your spouse about it and try to understand the source of these complaints. If these accusations persist and continue to harm your happiness and that of your couple, you can always go to a consultation together or opt for a more drastic solution.


These are just a few toxic relationship signs. There are, of course, many other clues as to whether you are in an unhealthy relationship, including a lack of respect and a hostile atmosphere in your relationship.

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