15 of the best tattoo ideas to consider if you need inspiration

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If you haven't found the perfect idea for your next tattoo yet, we suggest you discover the 15 best tattoo ideas below.
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If, before, we had to cover our tattoos to perform certain public jobs, we have to admit that this is no longer the case nowadays. They can be displayed without any problem. After all, tattoos have never been more popular than in the 21st century! It is not without reason that most people are “inked”. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, but you haven’t yet found a favourite design, drawing or pattern, we have selected 15 of the best tattoo ideas for you!

Matching tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo at the same time as your significant other or best friend, matching tattoos are very popular. These can be identical tattoos (such as hearts or flowers) or complementary tattoos (such as two short sentences). The important thing is that your future tattoo is as meaningful to you as the person you are getting a tattoo with.

An animal

It’s always a good idea to get a tattoo of an animal. You can choose your favourite animal or choose one that represents your personality. Popular animals include elephants, lions, tigers, wolves and birds. We also see more and more people asking tattoo artists for a tattoo of their pets.

A bird

As mentioned above, birds are a popular tattoo choice for several reasons. They are not only aesthetic animals but also charged with a strong symbolic value. Indeed, birds on a tree branch symbolize love, while, for example, flying birds represent freedom.

A minimalist tattoo

Another tattoo idea you can consider is the minimalist tattoo. This suggestion will appeal particularly to people who want a discreet work of simplicity. Indeed, minimalist tattoos are often small and have only thin black lines, which gives them a very sober look. Definitely one of the best tattoo ideas if you want to keep your ink on the DL.

A geometric shape

One trend that has not run out of steam for several years is geometric shapes. There are many simple ones but there are also more elaborate ones. You can get a tattoo of a fairly basic geometric shape or opt for a design made of a composition of triangles, circles or squares. This type of tattoo is often more refined and discreet. So, once again, you have every interest in choosing a geometric tattoo if you want a soberer all-purpose design.

A mandala

Mandala tattoos have been very popular in recent years. A little similar to geometric shapes and quite feminine, some people decide to get a tattoo of a small mandala or opt, on the contrary, for a more massive piece, like a complete sleeve. One thing is certain, this type of tattoo is very aesthetic!

A zodiac sign

Zodiac signs have always fascinated a large part of the population. It is therefore not surprising that many people choose to get their sign tattooed. If you are one of those people who believe that the signs of the zodiac can help you predict your future and learn a little more about your personality, why not choose a beautiful constellation or a drawing of your sign?

A flower

A flower is one of the best tattoo ideas out there and it is always a good idea. It is a timeless and ultra feminine design. You can choose the very popular lotus flower, a splendid floral bouquet or the classic rose.

A quote or sentence

If you are more of a word person than a picture person, you can always get a sentence or a few words that are important to you tattooed. It could be a quote you got from a book, a movie or the lyrics of a song. However, it is essential that these words resonate with you.

A symbol

Many people like to get symbols tattooed, because these little drawings are, of course, full of meaning. There are tons of them. Some of the popular symbols you may want to get tattooed include the Vegvisir, of Icelandic origin, glyphs, the Evil One, moon phases and anchors.

A compass

Although in the past these tattoos were more visible on sailors, the compass is now democratized. It is also a beautiful symbol. Indeed, it represents the fact of having found a direction in your life. People who have travelled a lot obviously like to adopt this tattoo.

Finger tattoos

Finger tattoos have not always had a good reputation. However, this is no longer the case today. You can get a tattoo on this area of your body without fear of being associated with a street gang or motorcycle group. In fact, these tattoos are very aesthetic and can be a very nice addition to your rings. Be aware, however, that you may need to have some touch-ups done in a few years.

A moon

The moon is another sober design, but oh so feminine and full of meaning. The half-moon, for example, represents female power. You can get a simple moon tattoo or ask your tattoo artist to do the lunar phases for you.

White ink

One trend we see a lot is white ink tattoos. Delicate and refined, these are a great alternative for people who want a low profile tattoo.

A Harry Potter fan tattoo

Harry Potter related tattoos are also a good choice, especially if you are an admirer of J. K. Rowling’s famous work. You can get a Hedwig tattooed or Harry, Hogwarts or even the Golden Snitch!


No matter which tattoo you choose, the important thing is that you love it! Make sure you also get a tattoo in a professional and safe place.

Cover photo: Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

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