What is co-washing, this new technique for beautiful hair?

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Co-washing is increasingly popular among people with every type of hair. But... what is it really about anyway?

Another name for co-washing is “no poo,” and it’s a technique to have more beautiful hair. It consists in using only conditioner to wash your hair.

An American hairdresser, Lorraine Massey, is generally credited for having popularized this technique. Having curly hair herself, she decided to test co-washing when her hair went out of control as she was travelling in Asia. O the delights of humidity! Anyway, the experience was so great that she says she hasn’t shampooed her hair since 1985.

Co-washing can work for all types of hair, although people with frizzy or curly hair can benefit more from it.



But why would you wash your hair with conditioner only? Well, a lot of shampoos can damage your scalp, especially those with sulfate. They can dry your hair by stripping them of its natural oils and moisture. When we know frizzy/curly hair is already dry, let’s say co-washing seems more and more like a good idea.

Co-washing allows your hair to keep its natural integrity. Of course, conditioner itself helps tame your hair and untangle it.

Let’s also mention that conditioners usually don’t contain non-biodegradable substances, as opposed to shampoos. Co-washing is therefore better for the planet and your hair.


Co-washing: how to?

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First, you need to find a good conditioner. Pick one that doesn’t contain silicones since they end up coating your hair and making it feel dull and heavy. You should opt for a conditioner containing emollients, proteins, humectants and moisturizers. Also take into account if you have coloured hair or not when making your pick.

When you have your conditioner, just wash your hair. You can use conditioner the same way you used shampoo, or keep using it like before. Try both ways to see which is more beneficial to your hair.

Furthermore, there are at least three manners to do co-washing. Some will abandon their shampoo altogether, while others will alternate a shampoo wash with a co-wash. Finally, there are also people who will detox by using only conditioner for a month at a time, few times a year, before going back to their usual hair care routine.

That’s it! So, do you think you’ll try co-washing or not?

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