Say goodbye to plastic with zero waste shampoo

By Marie-Pier Hamon – on in Beauty
Zero waste is becoming more and more popular. If you want to get started too, why not start with zero waste shampoo?

It has been a few years since the zero waste “ecological concept” became part of the way of life of a large part of society. But what is zero waste? It is actually about reducing the amount of waste produced by consuming in a different way. There are grocery stores as well as several brands dedicated to the production of zero waste items. So you can integrate zero waste into the kitchen, but also into your bathroom. In fact, there are now beauty products that meet this ecological objective. Why not reduce your ecological impact by integrating zero waste shampoo into your hair routine? This will allow you to wash your hair while taking care of the environment. Discover some ways to have beautiful hair while reducing the amount of plastic in your home.


Buy your shampoo in bulk stores

One way to reduce your waste and, by the same token, your ecological footprint, is to shop for your shampoo in bulk stores. Although there is more food than anything else most of the time in these stores, you should know that they generally have a section dedicated to hygienic products. You’ll be able to find facial and body products, including shampoo and probably even conditioner!


Choose solid shampoo

You can also reduce the waste you emit by choosing a solid shampoo, also called shampoo bars, a fabulous invention! Not only does this product last longer than liquid shampoo, but it also requires less packaging. One of the brands that have proven its worth to consumers who want to ban plastic from the bathroom is Lush Cosmetics. However, there are several brands that specialize in bar shampoo. Read the article “Shampoo bar: Help the environment one bar at a time” to discover other hair care products that are also good for the environment.


Think about reusable bottles

You can also help the planet by choosing reusable shampoo bottles. More and more companies are offering consumers the opportunity to return their shampoo bottles once the product is finished in order to clean the container and refill it. One company that offers this service is Plaine Products in the United States. In addition to being zero waste, this company’s shampoo is vegan. Adopting it as part of your routine is a great way to reduce the amount of waste on the planet while taking care of your hair.


Try natural haircare products

There are, of course, natural alternatives such as washing your hair with baking soda, vinegar and even soap nuts! You can also make your own shampoo and conditioner using natural ingredients.


No matter how you decide to include zero waste in your daily life, whether it’s shampoo, cosmetics or food products, go at your own pace and without guilt. Changing lifestyle habits doesn’t happen overnight, so give yourself a chance and enjoy discovering the many eco-friendly companies on the market!

Cover photo: unwrappedlife | Instagram