Henna freckles or how to cheat genetics

Henna freckles give the summer speckles you've always wanted.

We all want what we don’t have. And if what you don’t have are freckles, the beauty world has once again come up with a way to make your dream complexion come true. The secret this time? Henna. This historic body art technique has been used for decades in Middle Eastern countries, but traditionally only used on the face as a hair or eyebrow dye. This time, people are turning to this process to rock the freckles their mama never gave them. Here is everything you want to know about how to get that sun-kissed look in the dead of winter.

1 What is henna

Henna is a dye made from the dried and powdered leaves of a plant of the same name. So yes, it is natural. But before you run to the store, know that once the process is done, soap can’t do anything to make it all disappear. Henna is a semi-permanent dying method. Once it is on your skin, there is no getting rid of it before at least one week depending on skin type and other factors.

2 How to do henna freckles

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First of all, know that the technique is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it is not all that difficult for your henna makeover to go wrong. This treatment is offered in beauty salons and we highly recommend that you get your done by a professional. But if you are an adventurer and don’t fear a few days of looking strangely spotty, it is time you purchase your first type of henna paste. Start by testing the henna on your hand for any reaction or allergy. Then, prep your skin by applying oil to your face. And when you are ready, start making little irregular dots with the paste in the places where you wish to see freckles. Wait for it to dry, and scrape it down or remove it with warm water… And voilà!


From fuller brows to lifted lashes, the beauty industry has answers to your every esthetic desire, some safer than others. As far as henna freckles go, we love the trend! We don’t see any problem with adding a few faux speckles into your summer if it’s not something you can get naturally.

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