Here’s how to prolong your tan after summer ends

By Marie-Pier Hamon – on in Beauty
Did you manage to obtain a dream tan during your summer vacation? Here are some tips to prolong your tan after the summer season.

The summer season is a favourable time for various outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, playing beach volleyball or spending time in your backyard, you most probably find yourself with a beautiful glowy and tanned complexion once summer vacation is over. Thankfully, you can preserve your tan with the help of some very simple tips and tricks. Indeed, all you need to do is adopt a few habits to prolong your tan after the summer is over. Discover below how to keep your lovely tanned skin longer.


Exfoliate your skin

A lot of people tend to think that exfoliating your skin is bad for your suntan. It is actually the contrary. In fact, exfoliating your skin two to three times per week can help prolong your tan and even give more intensity to your darker skin. Exfoliating helps you remove dead skin cells. The dead skin cells are the ones who make your skin look dull. Wait a few days before exfoliating your skin if you expose your skin to the sun and try to stick to products made for sensitive skin.


Hydrate yourself

When you expose your skin to the sun, it tends to become dehydrated very quickly, even if you repeatedly protect your skin with sunscreen. It is thus important that you hydrate your skin and that you drink enough water. The simple act of using a hydrating lotion and a shower oil allows to stimulate melamine and consequently, make your tan last longer.


Eat foods rich in beta-carotene

Another tip to prolong your tan is to add specific foods on your plate. Indeed, you can keep your darker complexion longer with fruits and veggies rich in beta-carotene, a pigment that encourages the production of melamine. You can, for example, eat carrots, tomatoes, melon or apricots.


Apply after sun lotion

After spending the day outside, don’t hesitate to apply an after sun lotion. This type of product will help hydrate your skin and give it back the salts and minerals it lost while you were outside. You can also apply your lotion a few weeks after some sun exposure to help your skin recuperate and thus prolong your tan. Know too, that lotions made to prolong your tan are sold in pharmacies or beauty specialties stores. This is a nice option to keep your glowing tan last longer.

Try some self-tanner

A few years ago, self-tanners were a little scary and unpredictable since some people were victims of the “carrot tan”. Fortunately, the self-tanning products now sold are much better. In fact, self-tanners are better than ever and give you a much more natural tan. It is a great way to prolong your tan after the summer vacation is over.

Add bronzing powder to your beauty products

Another extremely simple way to look tanned, even months after your vacation is over is to add a bronzing powder to your makeup routine. This kind of makeup will instantly make you look like you just came back from the Bahamas and it is easy and quick to apply. All you need is a big brush to apply some on your nose, your forehead, your chin and cheeks (under the cheekbones). You can also apply some on your neck and chest if you’re wearing a tank top or dress.


There are many tips and tricks to prolong your tan after the summer vacation is over. Firstly, you must not forget that you need to take proper care of your skin by protecting it adequately by hydrating and exfoliating it two to three times a week. This way, you’ll make sure to keep your tan longer!

Cover photo: Instagram @sugarbabybeauty