How to grow your lashes naturally in just a few weeks

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Do you envy those with long, thick eyelashes and you wonder how to grow your lashes? There are natural ways to get XXL lashes, no extensions needed.

Long, thick, fluttery lashes are a woman’s best friend. Beautiful lashes can really enhance any face and open up the eyes for a brighter and healthier look. Sadly, you are born with a number of hair follicles and you can’t change that, whatever potion or serum you try. However, there are ways to grow your lashes in natural ways to create longer and thicker lashes. It’s time to show off those eyes, ladies!


Healthy diet

It all starts with a healthy diet. Your lashes will grow and look thick and luscious if you have a balanced diet so make sure you eat those veggies and lean proteins!



Supplements only work properly if you follow a healthy diet or else it’s similar to studying only one hour and expecting a perfect score on your test. Biotin or hair supplements can help but they need to be combined with a balanced diet.


Use a serum

There are many lash serums out there but our favourites have to be Revitalash’s Advanced Eyelash Conditioner and Grande Cosmetics GrandeLash-MD. These two serums, if applied nightly (every night with no exceptions), will strengthen and add length to your lashes after a couple of weeks.


Use natural oils

Castor oil and coconut oil are natural products you can apply to your lashes to help them grow. Add some to your lash line and lashes in the morning to stimulate hair growth. You can even mix these two oils together to double their effectiveness.

Brush your lashes

They say that brushing your hair will help it grow. Well, the same principle applies to lashes. Clean and store your old mascara wands or buy a pack of disposable mascara wands and brush your lashes every day to remove dead skin cells.


Lashes won’t grow in one night but these five natural ways are a step in the right direction to make your lashes grow. Remember to always remove your mascara at night and to be gentle with your lashes, they aren’t made of steel wire yet!

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