Machine brows: A new semi-permanent eyebrow method

By Emma – on in Beauty
Semi-permanent beauty treatments have gained in popularity in the last few years. Move over microblading, machine brows have arrived.

Not everyone is a) born with perfect eyebrows or b) able to resist plucking their Brooke Shields-like brows when they are 12 years old and everyone at school makes fun of them. If you’re in either camp, you might have been scrolling through your social media feed wondering if a semi-permanent makeup solution like microblading is the answer to your tragic brows. Microblading does have its advantages but it’s not perfect either; the healing process is long and infections can easily happen. A woman needs options when it comes to semi-permanent cosmetic makeup, so here’s a more in-depth look at machine brows and what it consists of.


What is machine brows?

Using very fine HD needles, the cosmetic tattoo machine adds pigments to the skin closer to the skin surface to create a more subtle look. This technique is much gentler than other methods since it does not cut the skin which can end up damaging and scarring the skin. One of the biggest advantages of machine brows is how realistic the final result looks. The method allows connecting the lines which makes brows look very natural.


Machine brows VS microblading

Machine brows might be a relative newcomer in the semi-permanent/permanent makeup scene but it’s not planning on going anywhere soon. This technique has two main differences with microblading: This first one is that machine brows require a digital device to apply the pigment to the skin whereas microblading is done with a hand-held tool. The second biggest difference is that machine brows lasts longer than microneedling. The pigment tends to stay visible for 2-5 years with machine brows and the makeup will stay visible for around 18 months whereas the latter will only last about 6-12 months. Apart from these two major differences, the two treatments are quite similar since they both have minimal downtime, they both require aftercare, they both have a mildly uncomfortable sensation and the tools and techniques are similar.


Remembering that these kinds of beautifying cosmetic techniques all have their pros and cons is key in this matter. We suggest you do a lot of research before choosing your brow technician for the best and safest results.

Cover photo: Cris Trung | Unsplash