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Overall dress: Outfit ideas to revisit an old classic

By Marie – on in Beauty
From chic to street, the overall dress is the piece to adopt for the seasons to come.

Dungaree dress, overall dress, pinafore dress, skirtall, however you like to call it, it is making a comeback. Sure, denim’s LBD was never really gone, but whether you never said goodbye to the skirt version of dungarees or had relayed yours to the back of your closet as soon as you passed the ripe age of 10, chances are that you will not be the only one undusting this fun hybrid for the seasons to come. With buttons, clips or knots, short or midi length, in denim, corduroy, cotton or linen, and plain or printed, the choice is yours. Throw it over your bikini and hit the beach for a fresh laid-back look or dress it up with a ruffled blouse and boots or down with a printed tee and sneakers depending on your mood. Still not convinced? Here is some inspiration as to how to wear this age-old classic this spring and summer all the way through autumn. Hint: Any and every possible way.

Fun and girly, this look fresh out of Hazzard County says Southern Belle who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the best way possible.

Harvard? Yale? Brown? Trade the shirt for a wool turtleneck comes October.

Change the top for a blouse and the Converse for some heels and you got yourself a night look.

Pure, minimalist, effortlessly chic and undeniably comfortable, everything about this look evokes le chic à la Parisienne. Wear to work, to brunch and everything in between.

In style on and off the court.

When high-end meets Hollywood Boulevard.

Can’t help but get some serious Chanel feels.

Perhaps she’s with the band, or perhaps she is the band.

Corduroy does summer pretty well.

Part Little House on the Prairie, part Captain.

Wear it over a bathing suit, or nothing, to hit the beach.

Tights and an oversized blazer will give it that educated European feel.

Not quite beachy, not quite rock and a little badass: Basically Burning Man material.

Denim on denim takes a whole new, bright, meaning.

Brigitte, is that you?

Not sure if we are talking 70s or 90s here. Anywho, it works.

The ultimate sporty LBD. Perfect with earthy tones and natural fabrics to hit the farmer’s market or as a basic to go with any other type of outfit.

Although not represented above, the overall dress is also a great candidate to be worn in a gingham print and even midi length. Pair it with tights and boots and a warm sweater and it becomes the perfect look to go to class, or work, or the pumpkin patch in the Fall. From street style to beach bum the dungaree dress can do it all.

Cover credit: Brooke Cagle | Unsplash