PRP injections: the what and the why

By Marie – on in Beauty
Some call it "liquid gold" and others ignore the existence of this particular treatment. Before you start Botox, learn more about PRP injections.

Kim Kardashian made it famous with her controversial “vampire facelift“, but the practice of PRP injections is actually much more than a simple type of facial worthy of Dracula. Popularized in recent years in the field of aesthetic medicine and among stars seeking eternal youth, PRP injections are also used in the treatment of injuries. Here’s everything you want to know about the treatment that’s on everyone’s lips—and bodies—from Instagram personalities to top athletes ranging from the Kardashians to Tiger Woods.


What are PRP injections also known as the vampire treatment!

PRP is the acronym for platelet-rich plasma. The process involves first collecting the patient’s blood and then separating the red and white blood cells from the platelets and plasma using a centrifuge. Platelets are extremely rich in a certain protein that promotes tissue regeneration. The concentrated plasma is therefore injected into the skin or into the tendons or joints. This almost natural technique stimulates the production of collagen and the formation of new vessels leading to younger-looking skin or faster healing of wounds.


Why use PRP injections

As mentioned above, PRP injections can be used in several contexts. In the case of chronic tendon injuries, for example, or major sports injuries related to muscles or ligaments. Doctors also use it to promote tissue healing during surgery and fractures.

Of course, aesthetic medicine adopted this almost miraculous practice capable of regenerating cells. The most popular treatment: skin rejuvenation. In fact, this is probably why PRP injections caught your attention. These can take many forms: several uniform micro-injections throughout the face to fight wrinkles or isolated targeted injections to improve the appearance of acne scars or stretch marks or act as a filling agent.

The field of regenerative medicine even uses this innovative method to perform lifts on the breasts, buttocks and even other parts of the body.

It seems that the possibilities of PRP are almost infinite since the treatment is also used in the scalp area to counter hair loss and stimulate the regeneration of hair follicles.


If you are considering Botox or any other filling agent or have some aesthetic and skin concerns, PRP injections are a solution to consider. Certainly expensive, this technique is however promising—although the results depend a lot on the patient’s condition and are never guaranteed—and is certainly more natural than injecting foreign bodies into your face.

Cover credit: Antonika Chanel | Unsplash