Store-bought keto snacks to take on the go

Sometimes lifesaving and always satisfying, these high-fat grab-and-go are forever changing the keto snacking game.

When living the high-fat lifestyle, being on the go can get tricky and hard-boiled eggs can get old real quick. Fortunately, as the popularity of the diet grows, so does the low carb section of supermarkets’ snack aisle.  Let alone online stores, which are rapidly becoming a keto eater’s best friend. This means you no longer have to rely on sometimes questionable fast food low carb options while on the road. It also means that you can munch on delicious goodies wherever, whenever. All you have to do is pack one of these pre-packaged keto snacks and stop worrying about whether you’ll be about to have something to eat or not. Here are some of our favourite grab-and-go snacks that won’t kick you out of ketosis.

1 Moon Cheese

#9 according to our users

2 Epic Bars

#15 according to our users