10 surprisingly appetizing Halloween recipes

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Add some terror and fun to your parties for adults and kids alike with these 10 surprisingly appetizing Halloween-inspired recipes.

Halloween enthusiasts rarely do things half-heartedly. From the decorations to the meal and costumes, you have everything you need to get into the Halloween spirit. However, you’re not entertaining the Addams family. The fact remains that any reason is good to make the most out of this night and create a meal worthy of this spooky holiday. Whether you wish to please your kids or surprise your guests, young and old will appreciate the special touch you’ve brought to your dinner. So light your Jack-o-lantern and fire up your stove! Here are 10 surprisingly appetizing Halloween recipes to make on this terrifying night.

Dark chocolate pudding

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Halloween Pudding #Halloween theme Credit: @passionateaboutbaking The winners of this week are @testini_prague (The Best Picture of this week), @alena_golden (Best Poultry Theme week picture) and @havocinthekitchen (Best Porridge Theme week picture) Tag  your high quality pics #hautecuisines (please provide the short name of a submitted dish IN ENGLISH!) for a chance to be featured. Every Monday we announce two winners: the Best Picture of a Week (Received most of your likes) and the Best Picture of a Theme (Choice of HC). The themes of this week are Food Styling: Apples and Food Styling: Spices. Also, we're having a Halloween theme, but it's going to be longer than a week. The themes of next week are Fall Soup and Food Styling: Pomegranate. Also, we'll be having the following themes shortly: Tea, Pumpkin Pies&Tarts, and Food Styling: Pumpkins, so you might start preparing. #foodphotoaday  #foodphotography #foodshare #foodgasm #foodphoto #foodporn #foodstyling #food #foodstagram #foodstyle #delicious #yummyfood #tasty #yummy #cakecakecake #halloweentreats #styling  #beautifulpics #amazingtfood  #beautifulfood #stunningpicture #gorgeous #hautecuisines2017

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Dark chocolate pudding, meringue ghost, fondant pumpkin and “earth” made from cookie crumbs, this elaborate dessert, as pretty as it is delicious, will certainly get your guests talking. However, nothing prevents you from limiting your efforts and your time in the kitchen and only preparing the cute meringue ghosts or the dirt covered pudding and then adding a cookie tombstone or a simple piece of banana with chocolate chip “eyes” to make an effort-free ghost. Another great thing about this dessert is that it’s gluten-free.

Jack Skellington ricotta olive tarts

Halloween might be the official candy holiday but we can’t only function on candy. Eat salty — and healthy dishes — all while staying in the Halloween spirit with these ricotta olive tarts. You will certainly please Tim Burton fans and foodies alike with this simple and delicious recipe inspired by everyone’s favourite The Nightmare Before Christmas character. This savoury tart has parmesan, thyme and sun-dried tomatoes.

Witches’ fingers

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Finger Cookies #Halloween theme. Credit: @nessarobins The winners of this week are @ilzi_ (for the Best Picture of this week), @hodosviki (for the Best Picture of the Food Styling: Apples theme) and @thecookerlife and @anjalinachugani_soulspices, and @rimleed for these pics (for the Best Pictures of the Food Styling: Spices theme) Tag  your high quality pics #hautecuisines (please provide the short name of a submitted dish IN ENGLISH!) for a chance to be featured. Every Monday we announce two winners: the Best Picture of a Week (Received most of your likes) and the Best Picture of a Theme (Choice of HC). The themes of this week are Fall Soup and Food Styling: Pomegranate. Also, we continue the #Halloween them for a few days. The theme of next week will be Tea. The last themes of this year (before Christmas themes) will be Pumpkin Pies&Tarts and Food Styling: Pumpkins, so you might start preparing. #foodphotoaday  #foodphotography #foodshare #foodgasm #foodphoto #foodporn #foodstyling #food #foodstagram #foodstyle #delicious #yummyfood #tasty #yummy #cakes #cakesofinstagram #styling  #beautifulpics #amazingtfood  #beautifulfood #stunningpicture #gorgeous

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Finger food, literally. These witches fingers are an ideal addition to the snack table for your next Halloween party. It will certainly create a buzz. These are so real looking that your guests might do a double take before grabbing one of them. If guests are too freaked out to eat them, then good for you! You’ll have some left over to dip in your afternoon coffee or tea.

Spooky wild blueberry boo-berry snack balls

Keep your kids away from sugary treats for a little while with this healthy and cute snack. As delicious as candy, or even better, these delicious blueberry bites contain natural ingredients. Thus, they are the perfect snack to serve the little ones during a Halloween party. It is extremely easy to prepare and requires no baking. The perfect snack for this very busy but festive period.

Squid ink pasta with fennel, garlic and basil

Squid ink pasta
Food Fashion Party

For a themed party filled with delicious food, serve these pretty plates filled with squid ink pasta with fennel, garlic and basil. This recipe is perfect for a casual Halloween party between adults. Not only does squid ink add a unique flavour to meals, but it also gives a dramatic colour to the dish that is perfect for the occasion. You can stay on theme without sacrificing quality with this simple but sophisticated Halloween recipe.

Mumpkin pie

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃🍫Today I am bringing you guys a super fun and easy ‘mumpkin pie’! You can check it out step-by-step on insta stories and grab the recipe below! _____ I teamed up with @ralphsgrocery for a fun and easy take on regular pumpkin pie with a mummy theme! It’s filled with some easy time saving ingredients. #lovemyralphs #sponsored —�— MUMPKIN PIE! 1 15 oz can of pumpkin puree 1 12 oz can of evaporated milk 3/4 Cup of brown sugar 2 Large eggs 1 Teaspoon of cinnamon 2 Teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice 1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract 1/2 Teaspoon of salt 2 Refrigerated Pie Disk 1 Whole egg 1 Tablespoon of milk Googly Eyes! ____ Preheat oven to 425 F. In a large mixing bowl combine pumpkin puree, evaporated milk, brown sugar, eggs, cinnamon, and salt. Slowly whisk in evaporated milk. Pour into shallow pie fish filled with (1) crust. Cut other disk into mid match strips and arrange mummy pattern. Whisk egg and milk together and brush crust very gently. Bake at 425 F for 15 minutes and then reduce heat to 350 F for an additional 25-30 minutes until the middle of pie is just set. Add googly eyes!

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Pumpkin pie is a fall classic. It’s a great idea to bake this pie for a Halloween party. If you’re looking for a way to tweak it to make it more festive, you can easily transform it into a spooky creature. All you need to do is cut long strips from your pie dough to create the mummy strips. Just add two edible eyes to make a friendly mummy out of your holiday dessert. Find the complete recipe on college_housewife’s Instagram.

Avocado and wasabi deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic finger food you often find at parties. Loved by many, easy to eat and prepare, these individual bites sometimes snubbed for their banality breathe new life when you give them a monstery twist. These avocado and wasabi deviled eggs are just terrifying enough to fit with your Halloween theme and are delicious enough to vanish in an instant.

Dark candy apples

Take advantage of your recent visit to the orchard to spread the Halloween spirit. Like the wicked witch in Snow White, make your own poison apples and offer them to those who dare take a bite. These delicious caramel apples are a magnificent edible addition to your Halloween decoration.  The recipe suggests using red food colouring but don’t hesitate to use black food colouring to make them more sinister.

Mummy hot dog wraps

After deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket! After all, classics are classics for a reason. Kids adore these very simple bite-size treats. They are the perfect addition to your kid’s Halloween party. Use puff pastry to wrap your cocktail sausages like real mummies, taking care to leave some space for the face. Just add eyes and you have fun appetizers to serve.

Peanut butter spider cookies

Enjoy the classic chocolate and peanut butter combo for your Halloween treat. As cute as they are delicious, these spider cookies use the famous Lindor truffles to create the bodies of these small creatures. Perfect for the occasion without being scary, they will please the whole family.


Whether you are organizing a spooky party, a gourmet dinner, a party for your little one or you simply want to offer fun and special bites to your kids to celebrate Halloween, these sometimes fun sometimes scary Halloween recipe ideas will add some fun to your night.

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