CBD: why add cannabis oil to your medicine cabinet?

Cannabis products are gaining popularity in several parts of the world and their effects seem to be attracting the attention of the scientific community.

Following the wave of legalization of cannabis in several states, more and more people are opening up to the benefits of this often misconceived plant. First known for its psychoactive effect, it also has many virtues and by-products that go far beyond the effects sought in the case of recreational consumption. Among them, cannabis oil, and more specifically cannabidiol oil (CBD) which can be used in the treatment of several conditions. Reticent at the thought of turning to a drug to treat your ailments? Don’t worry. Unlike THC, CBD does not alter faculties in any way. Here is an overview of the many benefits of cannabis oil.

1 CBD: to regain appetite

woman eating
Priscilla Du Preez | Unsplash

It is well known that smoking marijuana cannabis gives you the munchies. What is less well known is that cannabis in all its varieties directly affects appetite. While CBD oil will not make you as hungry as products containing THC, it can still be very beneficial, if consumed in a specific dose and on a regular basis, in the case of appetite problems.

2 CBD: to fight insomnia

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For some people, falling into the arms of Morpheus is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, one in three people complain of sleep disorders. If you suffer from insomnia or nighttime anxiety, cannabis oil can help you close your eyes and fall into a restful sleep. Like verbena, this oil is the ideal companion for people dealing with agitated nights. In addition to resting the body, it will also rest your mind.

3 CBD: for a healthy heart

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Yes, cannabis oils are also excellent allies in improving heart health. Properly dosed, it can help lower blood pressure. Their strong antioxidant properties also help to reduce inflammation. So many good things for your heart!

4 CBD: to protect against neurological diseases

woman in wheelchair
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CBD oil may also play a role in the treatment of various neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. CBD has a positive effect on the endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in cellular homeostasis. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are believed to slow down brain degradation.

Although cannabis is not legal in some countries of the world, not all cannabis products are illegal. Cannabis-based cosmetics and oils are gaining popularity and their beneficial effects continue to impress. Of course, these oils will certainly already be under the scrutiny of scientists and new data on them will probably emerge in the coming years. For the time being, consult a doctor for further details on their use and effects.

Crédit couverture : Christin Hume | Unsplash