Amazon Prime: movies and series scheduled for February 2019

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The arrival of a new month means the arrival of new film and television releases on Amazon Prime. Discover them now!

Every month, Amazon Prime has great new features to offer its subscribers. While January 2019 brought us Informer Season 1 (2018), Will & Grace Season 1-8 (1999-2006), Will & Grace Season 1 (2018), The Grand Tour Season 3 (2018), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017), Community Season 1-6 (2009-2014), Hot in Cleveland Season 1-4 (2010-2013), The Nanny Season 1-6 (1994-1999), 30 Rock Season 1-7 (2007-2013), 3rd Rock from the Sun Season 1-6 (1996-2001), Parks and Recreation Season 1-7 (2009-2015), Jean-Claude Van Johnson Season 1 (2017), The Big C Season 1-4 (2010-2013), Here’s Lucy Season 1-4 (1969-1972), Shameless (UK) Season 1-11 (2004-2013), The Honeymooners Season 1-4 (1953-1957) et Gidget Season 1 (1966), this is what Amazon Prime has in store for us for February!

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February 1st

C'est le 1er février qu'Amazon Prime dévoilera la saison de sa série The ABC Murders

The most anticipated

The Terror Season 1

1848. Sir John Franklin left with two warships, the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus, to participate in a Royal Navy expedition to find the Northwest Passage. However, ships are trapped in ice near the Arctic and sailors suffer from famine, disease and cold, in addition to being attacked by a strange creature…

Amazon Prime Original

  • Agatha Christie’s The ABC Murders Season 1
  • Generation Wealth
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February 8th

Voyez les trois premières saisons de la série The Expanse sur mazon Prime dès le 8 février
La Nife en l’Air

On February 8th, Amazon Prime subscribers will have the opportunity to discover the science fiction drama series The Expanse Season 1 (2015), 2 (2016) and 3 (2017). Nearly 30 hours of entertainment guaranteed!

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February 13th

Découvrez la deuxième saison de la série Falling Water dès le 13 février sur Amazon Prime

The most anticipated

Drama, mystery and science fiction serie fans will certainly be happy to know that Falling Water Season 2 (2018) will arrive on Amazon Prime on February 13th. This series tells the story of three strangers who, at the limit of reality and conscious thought, dream of parts of a greater and more sinister tragedy.

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February 15th

Le 15 février prochain, voyez la création originale d'Amazon Prime Lorena

Amazon Prime Original

  • Lorena

February 22nd

Le 22 février, découvrez la création original d'Amazon Prime intitulée This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy

Amazon Prime Original

  • This Giant Beast that is the Global Economy

February 24th

Le 24 février, Amazon Prime mettra à disposition de ses abonnés l'excellent film Fences

On February 24th, the critically acclaimed film Fences (2016) will appear on Amazon Prime. Starring Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and Stephen McKinley Henderson, the film tells the story of an African-American working-class man struggling to raise his family in the 1950s.


Once again, Amazon Prime will be able to entertain its subscribers in February 2019! Enough to spend hours in front of the TV, wrapped up far from the winter cold!

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