Tinder pick-up lines: Here are the 15 funniest ones

Pick-up lines, in general, are either hilarious or dreadful. Enjoy reading these amusing Tinder pick-up lines that either end up in ghosting or a number.

Dating in the 21st-century is a struggle for a lot of people. Some people don’t even believe in love at first sight anymore! How do people meet when most people are glued to their cell phones and barely look up to notice people of the opposite sex? Ryan Gosling or Margot Robbie could be trying to catch our attention and we’d be more interested in scrolling through our Instagram feed or playing a game of Candy Crush than talking to them. Tinder is obviously a hugely popular way to date in 2018. You can find a gold mine of characters on this dating app. Instead of taking it too seriously, thank the Gods of Love you haven’t had to deal with these cringe-worthy and cheesy Tinder pick-up lines people use to break the ice!

1 The multiple choice guy

#15 according to our users

Who doesn’t love a good multiple choice question? This girl fell right into his trap by asking for the “option D” or he’s just so quick on his feet that he thought of the perfect comeback. Nevertheless, this guy made a cheeky comment that impressed Savannah. And people say math quizzes aren’t fun! We like the well-thought-out line so we will give him a 9/10.

2 The scholarly guy

#7 according to our users

We have to give it to him: He’s going straight to the point even if he’s pick-up line is semi-scholarly/vulgar. Unfortunately, we don’t have Brendan’s answer but our guess is that unless very horny, this person did not find this pick-up line that clever. We give it a 6/10.

3 The I-don’t-know-how-to-talk-to-girls guy

#16 according to our users

Is this guy on drugs? Someone needs to teach him how to talk to women and he definitely needs to work on his Tinder pick-up lines. His message is just mean and we honestly can’t understand why Brittany says yes to this chump. If they are happy just hooking up, then good for them but our guess is that kids are out of the equation. 2/10 for this fool.

4 The crafty guy

#8 according to our users

Who doesn’t appreciate a good first name pick-up line? Mady (or should we call her May?) totally fell for this guy’s clever play on words. Even if it was a bit forward (we are talking about D here…), she embraced it and went with it. Mady gave him her phone number and we’ll give him an 8.5/10.

5 The pictionary player

#12 according to our users

This man of few words was able to convince this young woman with only a few emojis to have sex. Of course, we never know if the deed ever happened but his forwardness and artwork sure were enough to make Nicole happy. Who knew being so crude could be so rewarding? 6/10 for the obscene artist.

6 The linguist

#11 according to our users

Not sure if Ashleigh thought this was funny or not. We really wish we could find out if she ever answered him or never bothered to answer his cheeky and sexual pick-up line. At least one of them published it online so the whole world could see it. Sorry guy, but you get 4/10 for this.

7 The holiday enthusiast

#13 according to our users

Sly, boy, very sly. We congratulate this guy for his imaginative and holiday-inspired Tinder pick-up line. Unfortunately, we will never know if there was a response to this! Did the other person think it was cunning? Crass? Flirty? WE WANT TO KNOW!! Because of all the mystery surrounding this pick-up line, we give this guy a 7/10.

8 The phone operator

#2 according to our users

We totally fell for this genius pick-up line and it totally impressed Delaney. Personally, we would have probably chosen to press 1 but his crude joke worked so what do we know about courtship and love? Let’s give this funny guy a 8.5/10.

9 The couch potato

#6 according to our users

Sasha liked this pick-up line enough to give this guy her phone number so even if it is a bit dumb and vulgar, we can’t complain because they are both happy. We just hope they wash their couch afterwards… 6/10 for this couch potato.

10 The speech therapist

#10 according to our users

Wow. This guy has the magic touch… Or Presley doesn’t have any standards or is really interested in this Tinder guy. Suave, polite and direct, we give this guy a solid 9.5/10.

11 The mourner

#3 according to our users

Some people are really straight-forward. We’re not sure whether we should congratulate the guy for getting a “yes” from Dominyque or slap him for saying something so tasteless and dumb. We give this guy a 3/10 even if he got a “yes”.

12 The movie star

#14 according to our users

Why watch porn on your computer or television if you can watch some live action film in your mirror? Not sure this Tinder pick-up line would work with us but Vennie was quite impressed. 5/10 for this movie star.

13 The lister

#4 according to our users

This guy sure loves lists. We’ll give him an 8/10 for his effort because he did have to think of all the things he likes to spoon, all the things he plans on banging and all the things he’d like to tap. Chelsey didn’t need much more convincing after these well-thought messages. We hope they are eating cereal, banging shampoo bottles and tapping kegs together.

14 The as(s)trologist

#18 according to our users

At least he knows how a solar eclipse works… kind of? This half hilarious, half awkward but very dirty pickup line made our Karli laugh. But, the real question is, after her cryptic response, was this ice breaker enough to impress her? This guy gets a 5,5/10.

15 The Top 40 guy

#5 according to our users

Cheesy but also hilarious, this short conversation hopefully made Alexa smirk a little. It is more imaginative than just writing something like “you were touched by an angel” or a crude and plain “my place?”. We give an 8/10 for this Top 40 Amazon loving witty guy.

16 The traffic light expert

#17 according to our users

Some guys are really good at making puns with the name of the girls they match with. A little daring, a little bit ridiculous, this pickup line might actually get him laid. All we can think about is how long it took him to come up with his one liner. 7/10 for you buddy.

17 The facetious joker

#9 according to our users

Gender fluidity has become a hot topic, especially with younger generations and should not be something one jokes about, especially to someone you potentially want to date. We’ll admit this pickup line is a (tiny) bit funny and we’re extremely curious as to what she responded but alas, we will never know. You see all sorts of things on dating apps! You get 7.5/10.

18 The guy “who went there”

#1 according to our users


Again, a boy creating a pun with a girl’s name. Except this time it’s a bit racist. We’ll admit that it is a better pickup line than “you were touched by an angel”, or “I saw you in my dream”, but he could have gone with something a bit safer like a compliment or something! Since Suma isn’t sure about how she feels about his message, we’ll give him a 5/10.


Some of these Tinder pick-up lines make us smile and others make us roll our eyes and want to be buried alive. These guys are pretty brave to start their conversations with witty pick-up lines so we will give them a few points for their work. Next time you get a match on Tinder, express yourself and make up your own hilarious greeting! It’s much better than just saying “Hello!” or “DTF?”.

Cover photo: Instagram | @tinder