5 meditation retreats in the US to add some Zenness in your life

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Do you need to put your life on "pause" while you catch your breath? Why not go to a meditation retreat. You can refocus on yourself in an enchanting setting. Here are 5 splendid meditation retreats in the US to discover.

We live in a world where everything happens very quickly and where we tend to accumulate stress very easily. It is essential that through this effervescence we take the time to take care of ourselves. Some people do this by going on meditation retreats. Indeed, these places are a way to catch your breath, reconnect with yourself and take a step back from the life you lead through meditation classes. If you want to reduce your stress or take a break for a short stay, here are 5 meditation retreats to discover in the United States.


Stillpoint Lodge

This spiritual retreat located in Alaska invites you to come and practice meditation in an enchanting setting within its ecological facilities. You can go meditate in the Poustinia, a quiet space open 24 hours a day, take yoga and meditation classes, walk through the meditation labyrinth or even get a massage. Everything is designed to take you away from negative thoughts and help you reconnect with nature.



Kripalu, located in Massachusetts, is another place to go to clear your mind. Although this centre is more famous for its yoga classes, many people also go there for meditation retreats. You will not stay in luxurious cabins like Stillpoint Lodge, but the décor will be just as sublime and you will have the opportunity to consume vegetarian dishes. To try!


Spirit Rock

Between the hills of West Marin County in California is the Spirit Rock Meditation Center. The centre, which is open all year round, offers you the opportunity to go and make inner peace in several ways. You can do silent 3-day retreats as well as go to Spirit Rock for a 2-month stay. You will learn, among other things, Buddhist meditation and Vipassana meditation in order to develop your full consciousness.


Shambhala Mountain Center

You can also take meditation classes in Colorado at Shambhala Mountain Center. This retreat nestled between the rocky outcrops offers you a serene environment in which to focus on the present moment. You can spend a week or a month there, in any case, you will have time to meditate, to walk 8 km of hiking trails, to contemplate the Buddhist monument and, above all, to do introspection.

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

You can also choose a place in New York. Indeed, you will find the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. The site, which covers 200 acres in the Hudson Valley, offers guided meditation classes, yoga classes and several workshops to help you achieve healing. During your spiritual retreat, you can also go hiking or kayaking on Long Pond Lake.


These spiritual retreats are much more than just places to learn to meditate or do yoga. They also help get inner peace, focus on the here and now and help reduce stress. This is, without a doubt, an experience to be done at least once in your life!

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