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French manicure 2.0: A modernized twist on this nail look

By Emma – on in Beauty
This isn't your mother's french manicure.

The classic French manicure, with its almost clear pink base and white tip, has had a bad rep for a few years. Reminiscent of obnoxious Valley tweens and Stepford type wives, this popular but sometimes tacky nail look had quite a downfall after its peak in the 90s. Thankfully, the modern French manicure (we renamed it the French manicure 2.0) is no longer tawdry nor kitsch. Rhinestones, shimmer, glitter, nail stickers, sparkly, there are new and fun ways to reinvent this old classic. Get inspired by our favourite twists on this nail look.

For the girl who only wears black.

An upgrade on the classic French mani.

Animal prints are everywhere, including your nails.

This Crayola inspired French mani is fun and colourful.

A reverse French manicure with the evil eye is unexpected and fashion-forward.

Add light to any room with your super shiny sequin French manicure.

Art fans will fall head over heels for this Mondrian manicure.

Fresh and sophisticated, a green and black French manicure will make everyone green with envy.

Sparkly reverse French manicures are the gift that keeps on giving during the holidays.

At first glance, this manicure looks like any old French manicure but the second line closer to the bottom of the nail keeps this look modern.

Neon nails will look great with a street style inspired outfit.

Opulent and glitzy, this Swarovski encrusted French manicure is certainly wedding appropriate.

When your nails are more on point then your entire outfit.


Those who have the patience and skill to paint their own nails should grab a bottle of colourful nails polish and recreate these gorgeous modern French manicures at home and the rest can just bring a photo of their desired look to their favourite nail salon. Hopefully, after scrolling through these French manicures 2.0, you won’t snub this nail look anymore!

Cover photo: Velizar Ivanov | Unsplash