Hand cream: top picks for every need and budget

By Anita Parker – on in Beauty
Find your perfect hand care go-to no matter your skin’s exigence and wallet capacity among this selection of our favourite hand creams.

Anyone who’s been through a few winters knows that there are two essentials one must carry around at all time: lip balm and hand cream. Of course, a cold weather beauty regimen involves a lot more musts—hello body moisturizer—but hand cream is one of those items, with which you should never leave the house. In fact, there should be one in your car, one at your work desk, one in your purse and one on your nightstand. And chances are, you’ll go through more than one tube per season. This is why we made a mission to offer you our selection of this winter beauty survival kit staple for every budget. Because no paycheck is too small, or big, for soft and smooth hands. Besides, forget about the weather, hand cream is one of those year-round take-me-everywhere-with-you necessities. So here are our top picks from scented lotions to hypoallergenic heavy duty creams.

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Le Labo

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Super Goop



Neutrogena Norwegian Formula


From the kind that will make your coworkers wonder “what’s that nice smell all of a sudden” to the one that will make your heavily cracked hands come back to life, as well as from a $15 price tag to a $60 one, you are assured to find the best for your needs and wallet among this selection of hand creams.

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