The best hot beverages to keep warm!

By Alexandra Nadeau-Gagnon – on in Food
Discover the best hot beverages to warm you up on cold winter days.

Hot beverages are always delicious and comforting, but they are all the more appreciated on cold winter days. Whether it is to give you the courage to go to work in the morning when the sun is not yet up, to reward you after a beautiful day playing in the snow or simply to relax while watching television, wrapped up in a soft blanket, there is a hot drink that will warm you up from the inside out at any time.



A classic for most of the world, coffee is the perfect hot drink. Its more or less bitter taste, its savoury aroma and the warmth it provides make it a favourite at any time of the day. A huge advantage of coffee is that it can be used in all kinds of ways. Filter, espresso, cappuccino, latte, alcoholic, flavoured; it is possible to drink coffee every day without ever drinking the same exact type of coffee!



As hard to believe as it may seem, some people don’t like coffee and choose to replace this hot caffeinated drink with tea. After all, caffeine and theine are the same molecule! Just like coffee, there are many different types of tea: Black, Green, White, Oolong, Pu Er, and more. Each type of tea has its own virtues and is ideal at certain key moments of the day. There’s nothing better than a good black tea to wake up a little bit when your energy drops in the middle of the afternoon and a delicious herbal tea to warm your heart and relax by reading a good book just before going to bed.


Hot chocolate

Those with a sweet tooth enjoy hot chocolate. Tasty, smooth and comforting, it is the ideal hot drink to warm up after an afternoon of playing in the snow. Who doesn’t get nostalgic for their childhood just thinking about it? Dark or white chocolate, prepared with water, milk or almond milk, topped with vanilla, cinnamon, mint or marshmallows, hot chocolate is as good a hot drink in the morning as it is for dessert. Perfect to enjoy alone, it is even better when shared with friends with cheeks reddened by the cold.


Hot milk

Toddlers favourite beverage, hot milk is just as easy to drink as it is in adulthood and is just as good. If you suffer from insomnia, it could even help you sleep! Of course, you can drink it as it is, but with honey, cinnamon, brown sugar, maple, vanilla or caramel, for example, it can become a real delight! Warm milk will not only warm you up, but this creamy delight will also allow you to sleep like a baby!


Certainly very useful in the kitchen, broth can also become a delicious hot drink. Easy to prepare and filled with different flavours, from chicken to beef, pork, vegetables, and herbs, it is the perfect mix between snack and drink. Ideal to consume after more intense outdoor activity, this hot drink will allow you to use your food scraps to cook a broth for immediate consumption instead of freezing it for later. Moreover, drinking broth is very popular with New Yorkers!

Alcoholic hot beverages

Alcoholic beverages are the perfect beverage for parties with friends or various celebrations. Whether you spend a quiet winter evening around a fire or celebrate the New Year in style with thousands of people during outdoor festivities, nothing is more appropriate than a good hot alcoholic beverage. Of course, mulled wine is a well-known beverage, but the warming power and wonderful taste of hot cider, hot sake or a hot Bailey’s or rum cocktail should not be underestimated!

Dr. Pepper

You may be wondering, at this time, what Dr. Pepper is doing on this list of ideal hot drinks, but know that this soft drink is delicious to drink hot! What you need to know is that a heated soft drink loses its carbonated aspect, so you simply end up with an excellent sweet and tasty hot drink. Of course, it is best if you already love Dr. Pepper to enjoy this beverage, but adding a little lemon makes it even more divine.


There are many hot drinks that will warm you up on cold winter days and this non-exhaustive list is just a few of them. Whether you prefer tea to coffee or hot chocolate to alcoholic beverages, you will certainly be able to find the beverage that will satisfy you and do you good.

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