10 chicken breast recipes that are far from boring

By Marie – on in Food
A bad recipe makes a bad chicken breast, not the other way around. These 10 delicious chicken breast recipes will prove us right.

Some people have yet to discover the wonders of chicken breasts. Said part of the population might call it dry and drab, sad even. This selection of delightful chicken breast recipes is therefore intended for lean meat fanatics, breast lovers and those who don’t discriminate based on chicken parts, but perhaps even more so to those not too keen on white meat. Such preference is only a matter of time  if not already a thing of the past  as these 10 recipes are sure to convert a few. The secret is in the sauce, always.


Not Your Usual Breaded Chicken Cutlet

Let us introduce you to the Jewish version of breaded chicken and, consequently, change your life. This Food52 recipe offers all the crispiness and tenderness of the crusted chicken breast we know and love with a twist. The improved variant trades the classic breadcrumb coating for a latke mixture. The result will make you question everything you know.


Grilled Chicken with Peach Salsa

You’re probably familiar with mango salsa, but how about trying a peach version of this fresh, sweet and herby Tex-Mex specialty. You don’t even need a barbecue to make this perfect summery dish. Save yourself the hassle on a weeknight but without skipping the mandatory grill marks by heating a grill pan on the stove. This delicious and healthy Cooking Light recipe will bring sunshine and both colour and complex flavours into your plate.


Moroccan Grilled Chicken

Everything is better on a stick. Chicken breast is no exception to the rule. But, in the case of these Half Baked Harvest chicken skewers, it’s the sauce that makes the recipe. This Moroccan marinated grilled chicken is served with a flavourful herby lemon-olive vinaigrette which takes it from average to crowd pleaser as quickly as it takes to cook it.


Thai Green Chicken Soup

In the mood for something warming for a cozy night home, but the chicken breasts in the fridge really need to be cooked before they go bad? Save them and your night by whipping up this delicious Cooking Light recipe. The herby broth, the noodles, the chicken: everything in the recipe works together to create the ultimate comforting green curry and cilantro chicken soup.

 Garlic Butter Tomato Chicken

By the look of it, this dish has been slowly cooking for hours. But don’t be mistaken, Little Spice Jar’s recipe is a perfect weeknight option ready in only 25 minutes. This rich hearty mozzarella-covered entrée and its side of roasted sweet balsamic cherry tomatoes requires only one pan. All you need is some rice or veggies to complete this family-friendly dinner.

Roasted Greek Chicken and Farro Salad

Chicken salad is potentially the most boring meal ever. Except when Half Baked Harvest comes up with a recipe. Forget about your preconceived notions of a dieter’s restaurant go-to. This roasted Greek chicken and farro salad is no sad excuse for a meal. Satisfying, fresh, nourishing and flavourful, it’s the perfect light lunch that steps away from the traditional lean-protein-and-lettuce type of salad in the best possible way. Think oven baked fries for instance. Yes, fries in a salad.

Chicken Piccata

This zesty garlic butter sauce will make you question how chicken breast can sometimes have the reputation of being dry. Cooked in lemon juice and white wine, Platings and Pairings’ recipe is ready in 30 minutes, simple enough for weeknights and fancy enough for guests. Just make sure you don’t forget the capers.

Thai Basil Chicken

This garlicky chicken is just like your favourite too-tired-for-anything-but-good-food Thai delivery, except it will be ready in less time than it would take for the delivery guy to get to your door. Oh, and you can be sure no unpronounceable ingredient has made its way on your plate. Serve Little Spice Jar’s basil chicken over rice and you have the perfect night-in comfort food.

Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chicken is a keto dieter’s close friend. Although quite low in fat, it is a good source of protein and extremely low-carb-friendly. Serve it in lettuce boats with a handful of cashews and a creamy and tangy almond butter sauce and you have the perfect meal that will make eating keto that much more enjoyable. But Life Made Keto’s recipe is not reserved for the diet’s amateurs. This Chinese dish will win you over independently of your relationship with carbs.

Black Pepper-Curry Chicken Stir-Fry

Sautés are the answer to a quick and healthy dinner without sacrificing taste. Creamy, slightly spicy and all around aromatic, this Cooking Light black pepper-curry chicken stir-fry is not only family-friendly but also encloses the health virtues of turmeric and other anti-inflammatory ingredients. Throw it over some steamed rice with a side of veggies and cross your fingers that there will be leftovers for lunch.


Do not miss out on easy and delectable meals because of chicken breasts’ undue bad reputation. Give these delightful recipes a chance to prove to you that white meat is far from dry or boring. This versatile lean protein goes from winter comfort food to light summery dish with a snap of the finger. So stop snubbing those chicken breasts staring back at you in the fridge. But be warned, they might very well become a weeknight staple.

Cover photo credit: @platingsandpairings | Instagram