Abdominal workout: 10 yoga poses to work on your abs and core

By Anita Parker – on in Health
Yoga is a practice that engages your whole body and mind. It can also be used to work on specific things: flexibility, balance, upper or lower strength, as well as abs and core strength.

Don’t we all wish we could have strong abs? Beyond their aesthetic beauty, having strong abdominal and core muscles helps us in our daily activities. They’re good for posture, flexibility and for balance.

Now, we carefully selected 10 yoga poses to help you get killer abs. As with any pose, it is possible to adapt them, to either make them easier or more difficult. Grab your yoga mat, your comfy outfit, and enjoy this time for yourself!


Down dog

In addition to being excellent for your abs, this pose is also excellent for your back and to stretch your legs.


Dolphin pose

Added bonus: the dolphin is recognized to ease menstrual pains.


Dolphin pose with a leg lift

Here’s a variation to challenge you.



This excellent pose strengthens your abs, your butt and your thighs. It will also help you focus and develop a breathing rhythm.

Side plank (or star plank)

Yet another variant to add some challenge, if the plank was not enough of a challenge for you.

Chair pose

The chair is good to strengthen legs, arms and to relax the hips.

Warrior III

Super for abs, balance and strengthen your legs.

Revolved half-moon pose

Balance, abs, legs, back … this posture will definitely make you work out.

Revolved triangle pose

This pose really involves the abdominal belt in its middle section and helps to define your waist.

Boat pose

Here’s a pose you absolutely must add to your yoga routine since it’s the most well-known for an abdominal workout.

If you’d rather be guided, don’t hesitate to wander on YouTube for guided yoga sessions focussed specifically on abs! Yoga With Adriene has sessions that are as short as six minutes.

No matter what you choose to do, enjoy yourself, and namaste.

Cover photo: Fezbot2000 | Unsplash