Keto memes: the internet’s funniest and most relatable ones

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Leo, Daenerys Targaryen, Hermione and the beer guy understand your joy and pain in the internet's best keto memes. A compilation.

You’re ridding the low carb high fat wave and it’s not always a walk in the park. You’ve been through it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But you are not alone. And as usual, the internet is home to a great selection of niche memes to make you roll on the floor and feel understood. The keto lifestyle certainly is no exception. Here is a compilation of some of the best keto memes to make you laugh and cry… Potentially both at the same time.


The grocery store threat

Your house might be a carb-free safe space deprived of temptation, but at some point, you’re going to run out of bacon. And when that sad moment arises, you’re going to have to hit the supermarket. Sure, the grocery store is home to avocados, eggs and all things high fat and delicious. However, it is also where evil lies in the form of cakes, cookies, bread, pies, brownies, candy, muffins, ice cream, pasta, breakfast cereal… Should I keep going?


The sugar threat

Read labels. All labels, no matter how small the package or the bite. Can’t see it? Squint harder. Still can’t see it? Don’t eat it. Sugar has this way of infiltrating everything and ruining lives. It’s not being obsessing or extreme, it’s self-preservation and self-defence. Just kidding. Keto dieters can still have dessert.



People have doubted your fat bombs, laughed at your spaghetti squash noodles and criticized your bacon salad. They have anticipated your failure and even your death. They have purposely left cookie crumbs for you to see and suffer. But now, you are losing weight and feeling your best, while they keep buying fat-free yogurt and feeding their need for sugar and napping in the afternoon.


What moderation

What calories. What is a calorie and can it lose weight eating fat too? Tell someone they can shed a few pounds eating something and be sure they will go overboard. But, in all honesty, who can blame them. We’ve been told to stay away from fats for so long. Let them have their moment, then remind them about calories. Those still count in the fat-loving world, people. So calm down.

Science is not for everyone

They’ve been seeing you get fit and lean while snacking on coconut oil and bacon salad topped with extra guac. So the next time you order your Protein Style at the In-N-Out drive-through or any other keto friendly fast food items after performing yet another bench press personal best, there’s a strong chance they’ll ask you what’s up. And there’s an even greater chance they’ll look something like the picture above.

Bacon over banana

Hard to believe, I know. Also tempting, I know.

True love

The supermarket clerks recognize you when you walk in, but you don’t care. You break the unofficial grocery shopping rules by touching them all and putting them back, but you don’t care. People are lining up behind you in front of the avocado stand, but you don’t care. You will keep spending hours picking the perfect avocado to take home with you because once you find it, it is all worth it.

Also true love

The face of eagerness.

It really would

When you have to call in sick at work to go grocery shopping so you have enough time to read all the labels and put most of the products back where they were and go home with six items in your cart because THERE IS SUGAR IN MORE THAN TWO-THIRDS OF THE WHOLE SUPERMARKET. Also, see number 2.

Define healthy

“Come to the restaurant with us, they said. They have a healthy menu they said.” So you rejoice and join in and end up drinking the lukewarm creamer cups in the hope of getting full and hitting your fats for the day.

Never too foresighted

Seriously though. Do you know how much sugar is in there?

Potatoes, the keto way


Impossible love


The struggle is real, we all know it.

Do you ever listen in class

Hermione knows what’s up.

The final touch

Sprinkle at your own benefit. And eat. Your. Salt.


Rarely truer facts have been expressed is such touching manners. So if you’re the only person you know enjoying the high-fat low carb lifestyle and are in the mood to feel understood or when the keto diet gets tough, come back to these great keto memes and feel better. The internet’s got your back.

Cover credit: ketocollege20/Instagram