Lash extensions: everything you need to know about them

By Anita Parker – on in Beauty
Read our guide before booking your first appointment.

Maybe you didn’t quite achieve the naturally long eyelashes look; maybe you just can’t bring yourself to apply false eyelashes every day. Or maybe you want to try a different, fabulous look. Really, no matter the reason, lash extensions are there to lighten your beauty routine. They will for sure give you an amazing new flutter, making you feel like a queen on a daily basis.


What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are not to be confused with false eyelashes, or anything you could possibly do yourself at home involving a strip of lashes! They are actually not a strip at all and involve a professional attaching them one by one to your lashes, thus giving away a realistic look. The whole process takes about two hours and needs to be maintained every few weeks. The longer you wait to go back for fill-ins, the longer it will take to attach new lashes—and like everywhere, time is money!

The extensions will naturally fall at the same time as your natural lashes, which is why you have to see a technician every three or four weeks.

As to lashes themselves, they are super customizable. They are offered in a wide variety of curls, length and number. A good technician will help you make smart decisions, taking into account your bone structure, your eyes and, of course, your natural eyelashes.


What are the types of lash extensions I can get?

In addition to these 3 choices, you also have to decide which type of extension you want—which is to say, which material you want them to be made of. There are a few types out there, which will differ in price and slightly in looks. The most famous are mink lash extensions, but there are also faux mink, faux fox, silk and real human hair. Faux mink, sometimes called Russian lashes, is the most affordable option.


How do I take care of my extensions?

It’s not recommended to use mascara or liquid eyeliner when wearing lash extensions, as the friction from removing the makeup can break your extensions. In addition, only certain types of face wash are appropriate for eyelash extensions, as certain formulas can weaken the bond of your lashes.

You also have to comb your lashes a few times a day: when you wake up, before going to bed and after your shower. You should also avoid sleeping on your stomach and favour sleeping on your back or side. And, for extra safety, it would be a good idea to have a silk pillowcase, as it is gentler on your face, therefore on your extensions as well.

Now, above anything else, do not remove your extensions yourself; you risk taking off your actual lashes! Let your extensions fall off, or go back to a professional to have them removed.


How do I choose my salon?

When it comes to lash extensions, you definitely want to be sure you’re going to get something good. It’s one of those things worth paying a bit more to be sure of what you get. Start by reading reviews of salons on the internet. When booking your appointment, ask what glue they use, and what are its ingredients. Stay away from anything containing formaldehyde. That type of glue is a known eye irritant.

Finally, when you show up to your appointment, ask if everything is sterilized. You are also allowed to ask if your technician washed their hands before she touches you!

All in all, getting eyelash extensions is a nice, stress-free process.

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