How many calories are in your favourite alcoholic drinks?

By Julie Morisset – on in Food
Beer, wine, cocktails, which drink should you choose next time you go out? Calorific values can certainly help you make an enlightened choice.

To function properly, the human body needs a certain amount of calories which varies from one person to another. We may already have the habit of checking how many calories are in our foods, but our habit is rarely as established when it comes to alcohol. To help you figure out which drinks you might want to have at a party, here are the calorific values of the most popular drinks.



Are you a big wine connoisseur? For 150 ml of a red wine which has an abv of 9%, you will have a calorific intake of 80 calories, compared to 110 calories for a 12% white wine.

As for fortified wines, 60ml of port (between 15% and 20% abv) has 90 calories, while 60 ml of vermouth has 70 calories. Moreover, a brut champagne glass has about 105 calories, in comparison with 180 calories for dry champagne.

Finally, 340ml of a red wine-based drink has at least 170 calories.



Vodka, rum, gin and whiskey are all considered to be spirits. For 45 ml of strong liqueur (between 40% and 50% abv), count 95 calories.

For instance, a vodka cranberry cocktail has 151 calories (45ml of vodka and 120ml cranberry juice), and a gin tonic has 153 (45ml of gin with 150ml of tonic water).

Be aware that if you choose to drink something like a Smirnoff vodka ice, you will consume 260 calories per bottle.



For 45ml of Baileys, count 207 calories. If you enjoy Irish coffees, add 120ml of coffee, 45ml of whipped cream and two teaspoons of sugar, for a grand total of 267 calories.

On the other hand, other similar types of liqueur can have fewer calories (between 140 and 160 for a 60ml serving). A 45ml glass of brandy or cognac has about 110 calories.



340 ml of a 5% beer has 140 calories. The less alcoholized your beer is, the fewer calories it will have. For instance, if you drink a light beer (4%), count 90 calories, and for a 0,5% beer, count between 60 and 85 calories.

Even though we tend to count the number of drinks we’ve had to avoid being drunk, it’s also a good thing to count them to know how many calories we’ve taken. In addition to harming our health, alcohol can also easily ruin the efforts we’ve made in following a strict diet. That’s why it’s so important to choose wisely our alcohol when we drink with friends. Cheers!