How to: Chipotle keto bowls

By Marie – on in Food
The Mexican grill chain certainly made some friends by including a high-fat low carb option to their Lifestyle Bowls. But what if you want a personalized Chipotle keto bowl?

    Chipotle might be a little late to the fast food keto party, but it showed up nonetheless. Granted, the tardy addition of their keto-friendly bowl compared to other fast-food chains, which have been offering one or several low-carb options for some time now, can be excused by the fact that their menu already accommodates high-fat people quite well. How so? Skipping the tortillas, rice, taco shells, chips and beans might be obvious, what might be less obvious, however, is figuring out what’s left that you can eat, and how to make a meal out of it. That’s what you are about to find out. So if you’re not in the mood for Chipotle’s latest addition or if you just when something more personalized, here is how to make your own Chipotle keto bowl.


    No Rice, All Greens for Low Carb

    Either omit the rice in your burrito bowl or opt for the salad. The lettuce base will give it some volume and therefore make your meal a little more filling. Even if you decided on the former, feel free to add lettuce and fajita vegetables to your bowl for some crunch and a more substantial and nutritious meal.


    Go Double on the Meat in Your Chipotle Keto Bowl

    Since you skipped on the rice, feel free to go double on the meat which contains little to no carb and is a good source of fat and protein. Chicken, steak, carnitas or barbacoa, ask for a larger portion of your favourite or mix it up.


    You’re Doing Vegan Keto?

    Meat’s not your jam? You’re in luck because it is quite easy to stick to a vegan keto diet at Chipotle and that’s saying a lot. Simply replace the double meat step with a double portion of their spicy marinated shredded Hodo Soy tofu known as sofritas.


    Add a Bit of Fat, and Then Some

    This is where you get to go crazy. Sour cream, shredded cheese and queso: add a good dose of fat in dairy form if your stomach permits it. Regardless, guacamole is your best friend here.

    Why Not a Bit of Low-Carb Flavour

    Finally, top it all off with fresh and/or spicy salsa for additional flavour. Avoid the roasted chili corn one which is fairly high in carbs. This leaves you with the choice of three other options: fresh tomato salsa,  tomatillo green chili salsa, and tomatillo red chili salsa.

    If your budget permits it, treat yourself to extra guac. Also, be wary of high-carb dressings—by that we mean don’t have it—and stick to water—or diet drinks if you don’t fear aspartame and its scary laundry list of side effects. Happy Mexican keto feast!

    Cover credit: @chipotle | Instagram