20 Impressive Baking Soda Hacks That Have Nothing to Do With Baking

1 Save Burned Pots

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If you haven’t burnt a pot here and there, then you obviously haven’t spent enough time in the kitchen. Even expert chefs make a few mistakes that result in burned kitchenware. While it’s disheartening to ruin your food, burning mishaps are doubly as frustrating because it often seems like there’s no salvaging the pot.

But instead of growing frustrated at the blackened mess on the bottom of your kitchenware, turn to one of our baking soda hacks. First, scrape out as much of the food left in the pot as you can and discard it. Then fill the pot a quarter of the way to the top with water. Place it back on the stove, add half a cup of baking soda, and bring the water to a boil. When the water starts bubbling, turn off the stove and allow the pot to soak overnight. The combination of boiling water and baking soda will help to soften the blackened bits, allowing you to easily wash it all off the next morning.

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Household Fact

Did you know that, on average, a woman spends between 16 and 17 hours a week doing household chores? Whether she’s a woman at home or a businesswoman who has to balance work and family, the average remains about the same. While such a number of hours seems immense even for the woman at home, imagine how the businesswoman can seem to lack the time to have a life outside of her mandatory occupations? It’s several hours that could be used for many other purposes that are certainly more fun, but that will also have a very positive impact on her physical and mental health.

  • Vacuuming or watching a TV show?
  • Dusting all the furniture in the house or having a drink with friends?
  • Washing dishes or spending time with family?

The choice is pretty obvious…

And, knowing that with the generation of millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996), women tend to be more educated than before, therefore work more, have a probably wider social network and have greater purchasing power, it is obvious that for them, household chores are far from being a priority in their lives.

Indeed, today, according to the Pew Research Center:

  • 39% of women have a bachelor’s degree or higher, in contrast to 25% of boomers;
  • 72% of women are in the labor market.

That’s why the shorter and sweeter the household chores are, the better!

On the other hand, still according to Pew Research Center, the millennials have been greatly affected by the Great Recession, so that many of them continue to live with their parents much longer than previous generations. In 2018, 15% of the 25-to-37-year-old generation was still living in the family home, nearly double the number of past generations combined. While this cohabitation may be viewed negatively for some reasons, it does have great financial benefits for both parties, but also benefits at the household level!
By sharing the space, everyone can share the household chores, and therefore have more free time for other things! If we add to that the countless ways to optimize our time and make cleaning easier, it is possible to greatly reduce this average of 16 to 17 hours of housework per week!

So whether it’s daily or weekly chores, or meal preparation, no one will say no to a few good tricks to make it quick and easy. Thanks to our tips and tricks articles, you’ll be able to save a lot of time on housework and enjoy more the good things in life!