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Our Favorite Wedding Dress Fails

By Jasmine Gilmore – on in Life
Let's just say that some people went all-in when it came to making their dream dress happen for their big day.

Many girls dream about their fancy wedding dress long before they even reach puberty. More often than not, the excitement follows them through adulthood all the way until the big day. And when said moment comes, they want everything to be perfect even if that means loading up their credit card. After all, they are pretty much investing in their future, right? And for everything to be perfect, the dress plays a big part. They will try on hundreds of dresses in the hope of finding the one that makes them feel like their most beautiful self. Granted, each woman has a different vision of her most beautiful self. Sometimes though, her choices are so far from the conventional and completely off the reservation that guests are a little more than surprised. But in the end, when it comes to a wedding, nothing is off limit, as long as the couple is happy. Nevertheless, here are some serious head-scratchers.

1 Real-life Shrek and Fiona

Don’t be alarmed, they do not need to be rushed to the hospital for treatment. These two Shrek fans decided to get married as a real-life version of the adorable green monsters. Far Far Away never seemed closer and these two have their fairy tale wedding.

On the other hand, we know quite a few people who’d think you should be trialled for applying green makeup on your face…on your wedding day.

2 Taking street art to church

Michelle literally took street art into the church by using an urban-graffiti design to paint the first letters of her and her husband’s name on to her dress.

You can’t purchase a similar dress, and for a good reason…

3 A big slice of love

One thing is for sure, this lady must love her pizza.

Maybe she met her partner at a college party where pizza was served…

4 The princess bride

This woman was for sure a little girl dreaming about becoming a princess.

Well, she came quite close to making it a reality for her big day. Walking in that dress must have required a lot of energy.

5 Ready for the festivities

We would just love to know the story behind this dress. But if that’s impossible, then please, please just tell us how the heck she sat down.

One thing is sure, this dress didn’t give her a bad credit score and didn’t require a loan, as it was probably very cheap.

6 Is there such a thing as overdoing it?

This lovely bride wanted to make her special day memorable for everyone. And with a train this long, she is certain to have made an impression on everyone on her way to the altar.

One question, though: where did she purchase so much fabric? Your regular market certainly doesn’t have that much.

7 A foodie’s big day

This happy couple gave a whole new meaning to the term “food lovers”. It seems that the ceremony will start and end with a pièce montée.

They can certainly claim the title of the most beautiful food-related dress—sorry pizza lady!

8 Gangster matrimony

Even gangsters can get romantic. This couple brought their own unique style by spray-painting their clothes for a fusion of street style and tradition.

This is what you call how-to-personalise-your-wedding-while-keeping-your-money-in-the-bank.

9 The hunt for a perfect wedding

While some brides want to make a serious splash, it seems that others just want to blend in the background.

We certainly wouldn’t purchase that dress, even if it was for a fundraiser…

10 Cacti lover

This young woman here adores cacti and wanted to include her beloved plants into her big day.

A strange, somewhat peculiar dress was the result of her quest for wedding style. We’ll be back, we need to recover…

11 Nightmare before marriage

We have to give them some credit: This Calaca themed wedding must have required a lot of work and the result is impressive.

But, in all honesty, isn’t that a little inappropriate?

12 Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

This bride wasn’t scared to express their interest and really break conventions.

And while she couldn’t decide between Edward and Jacob, she is lucky to have a husband that doesn’t mind. We would happily trade that dress for just about anything just to get it out of our sight.

13 (Un)holy union

Who says hardcore rockers can’t get married.

Although we don’t know what kind of impression these demonic horns had on the priest, we are sure that as long as these two are in love, the man above doesn’t mind and won’t give them a harsh tiral.

14 A Christmas wedding

Usually, people tend to get engaged on Christmas day, not married. Usually, brides don’t literally wear the Christmas tree.

Oh well! This bride can definitely claim to have the most Christmas themed wedding dress ever made.

15 This must be a serious fairy tale

Frills are one of those things that must be done in moderation. But when it’s your wedding day and you want to go all-in, who can tell you otherwise.

And while you’re at it, why not make it a bigger than life fairytale and throw in an over-the-top tiara. We just hope she has health insurance because walking around in this has got to be dangerous.

16 A happy marrrrrriage

These two landlubbers did their pirate-themed wedding the right way, by going all out.

We certainly wouldn’t have minded investing ourselves in the theme like they did, in the end, the result is pretty cool.

17 A lit wedding

Why do we automatically know what this woman’s and her fiance’s cars look like? WHY.

Oh well, as long as they have renters insurance to cover the risks of a fire, who cares…

18 A personalized cake

We’re pretty sure that this was only made for a magazine and treated as art. But judging by the previous photos, we never know.

Even if it was for a good cause though, we wouldn’t recommend investing in such an unpractical dress…

19 A champagne dress

More and more people opt for dresses that are not exactly white. Champagne is, therefore, a rather common colour when it comes to wedding dresses.

However, we are sure that this is not what people expected when this bride told people she opted for a champagne dress. Who knew she’d take it so literally. This the kind of thing college students would do, not brides-to-be.

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Jasmine is passionate about yoga and wellness. She likes to take care of herself, but also to help others to do the same. With a bachelor's degree in professional writing, she shares her tips and tricks to feel good about herself between two yoga retreats.