10 ideas of yoga symbol tattoos perfect for yogis

If yoga is an important activity in your routine, why not get a tattoo to represent it? In fact, many yoga enthusiasts choose to get tattoos of various symbols that evoke their favourite activity. Here are 10 of them that we have specially selected for you.

Yoga, like meditation, is a very popular activity. This is so much a part of some people’s routine that we can see more and more yoga enthusiasts decide to get yoga symbols tattooed, much like some musicians get their favourite instrument tattooed on their body. If having a yoga tattoo has been on your mind for a long time, here is a selection of beautiful tattoos to adopt.

1 OM symbol

The OM symbol is very popular with yoga enthusiasts. It is a Sanskrit syllable found in yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism. It represents the sound from which the Universe is said to have been built, in short, a vibration that unites us to each other. You can get it tattooed in black or coloured ink!

2 Chakras

A tattoo that is a little more impressive than the OM symbol, but also very popular with yoga enthusiasts, are chakras. Chakras are in fact “spiritual centers”. There are 7 chakras represented by lotus flowers. The different chakras serve to show the path of Kundalini, which consists of vital energy.

3 Hamsa

You have probably already seen the Hamsa symbol before. Indeed, many people wear it as an amulet in North Africa. It is also found in houses as wall decorations. This symbol is very popular because, in addition to representing protection, it brings luck, wealth and health. It is, therefore, a good and sublime design to get tattooed on one of the parts of the body.

4 Buddha

Buddhism and yoga are similar in many ways. After all, both were born of “the spiritual culture of ancient India”.  It is therefore not surprising that they have what are called “sister traditions.” A Buddha tattoo is in this case quite appropriate!

5 Ganesha

You can also get a tattoo of Ganesha. It is a Hindu god with the head of an elephant. This divinity, which represents, among other things, the soul, the body, wisdom, education, and prudence, eliminates barriers.

6 Sanskrit

Another inspiring tattoo idea is to choose a Sanskrit phrase. In fact, many people get a tattoo of a mantra or phrase in Sanskrit, the Indian language used to name yoga poses.

7 Mandala

We see many mandala tattoos, both among people who practice yoga and among people who want a beautiful tattoo. A mandala is frequently used to concentrate when meditating. However, this motif also represents the universe in its absolute perfection.

8 Lotus flower

Many people get lotus flowers tattooed, especially those who practice yoga. These pretty flowers represent purity as well as divine birth. You can also integrate them into your mandala if you wish.

9 Namaste

Don’t you want to get a tattoo of a cool design? Why not choose the Namaste greeting? It simply means: “The light within me honours the light within you.” It is a sign of respect because greeting a person with Nasmate is recognizing what is divine and beautiful in them.

10 Ahimsa

Ahimsa is another beautiful symbol that you can get tattooed. This represents the value of respect and non-violence.


Once you have chosen the symbol you want to get tattooed, we suggest you read our article “10 tattoo studios in Montreal to go to with your eyes closed“. You will thus be sure to deal with professionals during your tattoo session.

Cover photo: @tinytattooinc | Instagram