Discover 5 benefits of relaxation therapy

By Marie-Pier Hamon – on in Health
Many people practise relaxation for the many benefits it brings. If you want to learn more about the benefits of integrating relaxation techniques into your routine, read this article!

If your agenda is constantly full and you feel like you’re always on the run between the office, happy hour with friends and being at home with your loved one, you absolutely must take the time to relax. This does not mean contemplating life while staring at your white wall and doing nothing: you will get very bored by doing this. No, the goal is to do 20 to 60 minutes of relaxation sessions several times a week in order to achieve certain benefits for your mental and physical health.

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What are the different relaxation techniques?

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Of course, as mentioned above, relaxing is not about staring at your bedroom wall or looking outside the window until your anxiety magically disappears. Of course, you can practice a sport you like, take a bath, enjoy a novel or discuss your worries to relieve some of your stress, but when we talk about relaxation, we mean “relaxation techniques”. There are several, including yoga, mental imagery (visualization), tai chi and meditation. Many people also opt for Jacobson’s active and passive relaxation in order to release muscular tensions.

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Why take the time to do relaxation sessions?

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If you think relaxation is only good for stress management, think again! Indeed, relaxation techniques also help to reduce the level of muscle tension and help to refocus on the here and now, focus on the situations you are experiencing and move away from negative thoughts.

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What are the benefits of relaxation therapy?

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Relaxation has positive effects on both your mental and physical health. In fact, the various relaxation techniques are a good way to take care of yourself with only a few exercises.

A simple relaxation session can help you, in particular, to manage your emotions more adequately by allowing you to clear your mind about a given situation and, in this way, to take a step back. It also allows you to overcome stress through breathing exercises. Another advantage of having a relaxation session is that you quickly reach a state of calm, which obviously helps you to overcome insomnia and help you sleep well in general. Relaxation is also a way to get rid of depression because it forces you to be in the present moment and helps you cultivate positive thinking. So you have no excuse not to relax a few times a week!

Relaxation has many advantages, but if you don’t like the relaxation technique you choose, you will obviously not be relaxed… It is important that you choose exercises that are appropriate for you and that fit your schedule. Will you choose yoga, meditation, mental imagery or will you choose to fight stress with relaxation music?

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