Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Best Friends

These shocking celebrity best friend pairings will blow your mind. Find out how these random celebs met and what makes them click.

1 Elton John & Eminem

Elton John and Eminem

Eminem and Elton John may seem like opposites, one is a controversial rapper, and the other is a popular songwriter whose music has inspired generations. The performers forged a friendship that has lasted for decades. The singers collaborated for a performance at the 2001 Grammy awards.

Elton John opened up about their friendship to Rolling Stone Magazine. “I love him,” John said. “I don’t see much of Marshall, but we speak a lot. He’s really worked very hard at [sobriety], and it’s changed him so much. I just saw a picture of him in a magazine, and he looks like a 17-year-old boy. I’m so happy for him.”

2 Snoop Dog & David Beckham

David Beckham and Snoop Dog
The Daily Edge

We need to come back in 2007 to understand the start of the unlikely friendship of David Beckham and Snoop Dog. It all started during the filming of the reality show “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood”. In one of the first episodes of the series, they invited David Beckham to help Snoop dog’s children learn to play soccer. This simple introduction was the beginning of a great friendship between the two celebrities.

Beckham revealed in an interview in 2010 that Snoop asks David’s opinion before launching music tracks and that the soccer player is a genuine fan of the celeb rap star. We had the chance to see their beautiful complicity during a commercial for the famous Adidas brand. It even seems that Snoop has an enormous picture of David in his house. This is an unlikely, but interesting friendship.

3 Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria
Hello Magazine

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham have been besties for over a decade. The ladies met when Beckham moved to Los Angeles in 2007 with her husband, David Beckham, to support his football career. They discovered that they both loved fashion and had several things in common. 

Longoria discussed their friendship with Daily Mail Australia. “We’re best friends and have shared lots of life lessons together,” she said. “What we talk about is between us, but we’ve been through stuff together.” Beckham was there for Longoria when she divorced her first husband, Tony Parker. They’ve been a support system for each other over the years. 

4 Selena Gomez & Jennifer Aniston

Selena Gomez & Jennifer Aniston
E! News

Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez met in a place where many women often find their new best friend. They met in the bathroom at a Vanity Fair event. The duo revealed the details of their friendship while Aniston was a guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and interviewed Gomez. 

They talked about bumping into each other as Aniston walked out of a stall, and they’ve been friends ever since. “We’ve known each other for years, you’ve been over to my house, we’ve had pizza—girl after my own heart,” Aniston said. We’d give anything to have pizza night with these two!

5 Bette Midler & 50 Cent

Bette Midler and 50 Cent

Could there be a more unexpected pair than Bette Midler and 50 Cent? The actress and rapper met and became fast friends when they worked together on the New York Restoration Project. The actress told E! News, “Little Jewish lady and the great big rapper,” Midler said. “He’s such a doll. I love him. He’s gorgeous.”

The two have maintained their friendship over the years and according to E! News, they originally bonded over a very ordinary topic. Both of them have a passion for gardening. It’s so fascinating that these two superstars found such a deep connection. 

6 Matthew McConaughey & Guy Fieri

Matthew McConaughey and Guy Fieri
E! Online

Guy Fieri and Matthew McConaughey’s bromance has lasted over 15 years and they’re so close that McConaughey was the featured speaker when Fieri was given a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He revealed how they became friends during his speech. 

“Fifteen or so years ago I was living in an Airstream, traveling across America… I lived on the road and I came across this show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives, and it quickly became my favorite show,” McConaughey said. “One day on the road I get the number of the host, Guy Fieri, and I call him up and I say, ‘Listen, hey man, it’s Matthew McConaughey.’”

7 Amy Adams & Emily Blunt

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt met when they both worked on the set of the film Charlie Wilson’s War. Their on-screen chemistry was so great that they were cast together again in the movie Sunshine Cleaning. So, what makes these ladies click so well? Blunt spoke with MTV News about their working relationship.

“We have a weird inner dialogue that we sort of know what the other one’s thinking,” Blunt said. “It was like I’d known her forever. She still very much feels like my sister.” Their connection continued after the films wrapped and they’re still best friends to this day. 

8 Jessica Biel & Jennifer Garner

Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner

Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner are another set of celebrity besties that met while working on a film. They costarred in the film Valentine’s Day and made a connection that outlasted their time on the set. The duo spoke with Marie Claire and Garner opened up about their friendship. 

The actress revealed that it’s rare to work with women in films and it’s usually one woman and a bunch of men in the cast. “It’s odd”, Garner said. “So on this film, it was great to have someone like Jessica around, even though most of our scenes as best friends were over the phone.”

9 Blake Lively & Florence Welch

Blake Lively and Florence Welch

Blake Lively went from being a fan of the band Florence and the Machine to becoming best friends with the lead singer, Florence Welch. The actress and musician give us total best friend goals. Welch gushed about their friendship during an interview with E! News.

“Blake actually came to our very first New York show. She’s been to all of the shows that we’ve done in America and she flew out to Las Vegas just because I was performing there over the New Year,” Welch said. They’re so close that Welch performed at Lively’s 2012 wedding to Ryan Reynolds. 

10 Beyoncé & Gwyneth Paltrow

Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow
E! News

Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow’s friendship will give you total BFF goals. The ladies met at a benefit concert in New York City. Paltrow was married to Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, at the time, and the couple hit it off with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They quickly became fixtures at each other’s concerts and have remained friends even after Paltrow and Martin divorced.

Paltrow was a guest on The Ellen Show when she revealed how they became friends. “We just kind of hooked up and became really close,” she said. “And they’re incredible people. They’re very, very kind, generous, good good people.”

11 Courteney Cox & Laura Dern

Laura Dern et Courtney Cox
She Knows

It might surprise you to learn that Courteney Cox and Laura Dern are the best of friends. Not only have they been close for a long time, but they’ve gotten their families together to celebrate Christmas Eve for the last 14 years. Both actresses shared a pic on Instagram posing with their prospective children. 

Cox captioned the photo, “I love this family and our Christmas Eve tradition. Some things never change…much. ?♥️? #family.” Dern posted the same photograph and wrote, “Christmas Eve morning ritual year 14!!!! Love to all!” So sweet to get a glimpse of their holiday gathering. 

12 Sienna Miller & Keira Knightley

Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller became best friends when they worked together in 2009 on the film The Edge of Love. According to Zimbio, the famous duo lived together during the filming of the movie and Miller revealed that they bonded over being total nerds together. 

“We talk about books and we play cards and do The Guardian crossword,” Miller said about Knightley. “She is one of my favorite girls.” Their friendship has continued all these years later, and it seems like these ladies will be best friends for life. It’s refreshing to see such an enduring friendship in Hollywood. 

13 Jon Hamm & Paul Rudd

John Hamm and Paul Rudd

John Hamm and Paul Rudd go way back. The actors went to high school together and have been best friends since they were teenagers. They often gush about each other to the press and always have something nice to say about their long-time buddy. 

“He is genuinely a very bright guy! And he’s athletic! I mean, we do have a very competitive relationship,” Rudd told Grantland.com about Hamm. “When I say competitive, I mean we play chess a lot. And Scrabble. So when I say he’s a comedy nerd at heart, what I mean is that he’s just a giant nerd at heart.”

14 Emma Stone & Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone were introduced by their mutual friend, Woody Harrelson. The actresses share a funny inside joke about a shared “stalker” named “John the Orchestra Guy” who was a studio worker who would send out mass texts. 

“Jen and I texted for a year before we actually met. As she was driving to my house, she thought, ‘Oh, my God, what if it’s John the Orchestra Guy?’ And I thought, ‘Oh, my God, what if it’s John the Orchestra Guy?’” Stone told W magazine. “So Jen calls me and says, ‘I just want to make sure you’re not John the Orchestra Guy.’ I wasn’t. And we met.”

15 Lena Dunham & Taylor Swift

Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift

You may not think Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham would have much in common. Swift is a mainstream pop star while Dunham was labeled a modern voice of feminism for her HBO series Girls. Yet, the two have an unlikely friendship that started on Twitter.

According to Insider, they became friends in 2012 when Dunham tweeted praise for Swift, saying that her album was triumphant. “If she’d been here when I was in college I would have written papers on her, not Sylvia Plath,” Dunham wrote. The singer responded and said she loved Dunham’s HBO show Girls. The rest is history. 

16 Kate Hudson & Lea Michele

Lea Michelle and Kate Hudson
Hello Magazine

Lea Michele and Kate Hudson both starred and met on the set of the television series Glee. The besties grew close outside of the show and have been there for each other. Hudson proved to be a loyal friend when Michele’s boyfriend, Cory Monteith, passed away to an overdose of heroin and alcohol. The actress turned to Hudson for support.

I called her and said, I don’t know where I’m going to go because my house is swarmed with reporters. Michele told Elle magazine. She was like, Oh, you’re going to stay at my house. Like it was nothing.

17 Pitbull & John Travolta

John Travolta and Pitbull

Another astonishing celebrity friendship is Pitbull and John Travolta. The rapper and actor appeared together in Pitbull’s 3 to Tango video. Travolta even decided to shave his head after being inspired by Pitbull to rock the bald look. 

According to the Insider, Travolta discussed the influence Pitbull had in the decision to change up his look. “A good friend, Armando Perez, Pitbull, he lives his life like this,” he said. “He would send pictures of me, I have all my hair, and he’d superimpose no hair and say, ‘I prefer this,’ so I thought … Maybe it’s time to do it.”

18 Katy Perry & Allison Williams

Katy Perry and Allison Williams

Katy Perry and Allison Williams met through a mutual friend and clicked right away. The duo have been best friends for years and often support each other at various award shows. They’re so close that both ladies changed up their hair color on the same day, without the other knowing. 

“We just couldn’t believe it,” Williams told Refinery29. “We weirdly ended up going blonde on the same day. I was texting her, and I was like, ‘I’m going to be blonde next time I see you.’ And she was like, ‘Me too!’ It was hilarious.”

19 Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire

Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire
E! Online

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are A-list best friends. The actors met when they were just 12 years old and have maintained one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting friendships. According to Esquire, they met when DiCaprio saw Maguire filming on the street in Los Angeles and recognized him from an audition. 

“I literally jumped out of the car,” DiCaprio said. “I was like, ‘Tobey! Tobey! Hey! Hey!’ And he was like, ‘Oh, yeah—I know you. You’re… that guy.’ But I just made him my pal. When I want someone to be my friend, I just make them my friend.”

20 Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini

jennifer lopez and leah remini

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini met through J-Lo’s ex-husband Marc Anthony at the 2004 premiere of the movie Man on Fire. They immediately hit it off and have been best friends, maintaining a bond that has only grown stronger over time. 

Lopez and Remini spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the night they met. “It was one of those instant chemistry things where you just feel like, ‘I love this person. I love being around this person. This person makes me laugh,’” Lopez said. “She’s cool and we also have very similar upbringings. That’s why we work well together.”

21 Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler

Millie Bobby Brown and Maddie Ziegler
E! News

Maddie Ziegler and Millie Bobby Brown win the award for the cutest celebrity besties. They met on the set of the television series So You Think You Can Dance. Brown was in the audience and went backstage to meet Ziegler. They became fast friends. 

The young ladies talked about how that connected with Interview Magazine. Brown revealed, “They told me that I could go backstage and meet you, and I’m literally, like, taking deep breaths, like, “Oh my goodness,” and then you were a normal human being. You were Maddie Ziegler. Then you followed me on Twitter—and I had a meltdown—and the rest is history, really.”