Vegan keto breakfast ideas for egg-free mornings

By Marie – on in Food
These vegan keto breakfast ideas might be the ultimate motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

Adding variety into your low carb plant-based lunches and dinners can be quite easy. But when it comes to the first meal of the day, this whole high fat thing can get tricky. Unless you are one to be satisfied with avocado sprinkled with hemp seeds and perhaps drizzled with hot sauce day in day out, you might need some inspiration to start looking forward again to breaking your fast. Turns out, eggs and dairy are not essential to a delicious low carb morning meal. Here are 20 finger licking good vegan keto breakfast ideas to kick off the day with some serious flavor.

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Chocolate Cereal

chocolate cereals
@modernfoodstories | Instagram

For all the cereal lovers who thought they had to say goodbye forever. Make a big batch, top with nut milk and enjoy Monday through Sunday if you are a true cereal addict.

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@elsas_wholesomelife | Instagram

Fresh, crunchy, colorful, creamy, filling, sugar-free and totally adaptable, bircher makes a perfect summer breakie you will still be making in winter.

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Hazelnut Spread

hazelnut spread
Gnom Gnom

This is basically Nutella, except better. It’s not actually a dish, we know, but we had to include it anyway. You are welcome.

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Grain-free Oatmeal

grain-free oatmeal
@lifemadesweeter | Instagram

Oatmeal is comfort in a bowl. And while its vegan keto version does not actually contain oats, it is just as tasty, filling and warming, if not more.

Tofu Scramble

tofu scrample
@wallflowerkitchen | Instagram

Your egg-free breakfasts does not have to be scramble-free. This tofu scramble recipe will hit the spot every time.

Creamy Cocoa Coconut Shake

@cottercrunch | Instagram

Eating keto means the creamiest smoothies and shakes of all. This is decadent nutrition to take on the go.

Carrot Muffins

@casaasakura | Instagram

Basically socially acceptable carrot cake for breakfast.

Stuffed Avocado

stuffed avocado
@martinaslajerova | Instagram

What’s a vegan keto meal without avocado.

Chia pudding

chia pudding
@martinaslajerova | Instagram

Part dessert, part source of omega 3.

Cinnamon Toast

cinnamon toasts
@meatfreeketo | Instagram

We swear it won’t kick you out of ketosis.


@liz.macdowell | Instagram

Yes, this too is keto.


@meatfreeketo | Instagram

No eggs here. Not even soy. This is lupine flour and it only contains 3g of carbs and so much more protein.


@meatfreeketo | Instagram

For a perfect Sunday brunch.

Smoothie Bowl

smoothie bowl
@julieslifestyleofficial | Instagram

So simple, yet so fresh, delicious and nutritious.

Hazelnut bread + coconut butter and strawberry-chia jam

@julieslifestyleofficial | Instagram

We’ll let the photo do the talking for this one.


@julieslifestyleofficial | Instagram

No one can say vegan keto breakfast ideas are limited after this one.

Yogurt + granola

@julieslifestyleofficial | Instagram

For those who like a light meal to start the day, but still want to enjoy themselves.

Zucchini fritters

@jessicainthekitchen | Instagram

For all the savory breakfast fans.

Blueberry muffins

@modernfoodstories | Instagram

These fluffy blueberry muffins are great in the morning but also make perfect snacks to take on the go.

Smokey roasted Mushrooms + Tahini sauce

@martinaslajerova | Instagram

For when you are feeling fancy first thing in the morning.


Whether you are a sweet or savory in the morning kind of person, it is possible to feast on some delicious low carb plant-based food the minute you get up. Thanks to these impressive recipes, you can now enjoy your bulletproof coffee along with a delicious and filling meal. Vegan keto breakfasts no longer have to be boring nor repetitive, ever.


Graduating with a degree in Professional Writing and a grandmother on her downtime despite being in her twenties, Marie loves her mornings accompanied by crossword puzzles. Early bird, she maintains a close relationship with her running shoes. This said, her colleagues always await the fateful day when she arrives to work dressed in a cycling kit.