41 Reasons Why Aluminum Foil Is The King Of Hacks

Aluminum foil is the Holy Grail of DIY. Here is how it will save your life over and over other than cooking perfect steamed fish.

Got a problem? Aluminum foil is probably the solution. This seemingly banal kitchen accessory is a very practical thing to have around. Mostly everyone has a roll or two layings in a drawer somewhere, yet most people don’t use it to its full potential. Because, believe it or not, wrapping up your food and cooking meat and veggies in the oven or on the grill is only a fraction of what can be done with it. In fact, we could have titled this article 101 things to do with tin foil. Here are 40 ways in which it could make your life easier.

1 Replace a funnel


No funnel, no problem. Simply roll a sheet of foil into a cone shape and voilà!

You can now transfer liquids without risking to spilling a drop.

2 Get rid of wrinkles

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Make ironing more efficient and effective by putting by wrapping your plank in aluminum foil.

The metal will get hot and your clothes will be completely wrinkle-free in no time.

3 Body benefits

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It may sound strange, but aluminum foil can have many benefits on your body. First, if you suffer from a cold, wrap your feet in 5 to 7 sheets of aluminum foil for an hour, then let your feet air out for an hour before repeating the process two nights in a row. You’ll feel better, you’ll see!

Wrapping your joints in aluminum foil before going to bed can also reduce joint pain if you do it for a week. Finally, if you’re feeling rather tired, put a few sheets of aluminum foil in the freezer for 2 to 4 hours, then place them on your face, especially your eyelids and cheeks. This will relax you completely and make you feel invigorated!

4 Sharpen scissors


This might seem strange, but cutting through tin foil about 7 to 10 times will sharpen them.

It will also get rid of potential rust on the scissor blades.

5 Extend batterie life


Out of batteries?

Instead of running to the shop in a hurry, try placing small pieces of aluminum foil as a temporary solution.

6 Remove the static from clothes


Yes, tin foil balls can get rid of static. Place them in the dryer and say goodbye to electric shocks, flying hair and clinging clothes.

Bonus: this will also help your clothes dry faster.

7 Clean irons


Don’t beat yourself up for staining your iron. It is only a manner of seconds before it is back to looking brand new again.

Simply clean it with a ball of tin foil.

8 Create a non-stick pan


This makeshift non-stick pan will same your dinner when using oil is not an option.

Protect a regular pan with aluminum foil to prevent the food from sticking to the pan.

9 Clean your silverware


To clean your silverware, nothing more simple!

Line a container with tin foil, place your the tarnished object in it and add a mixture of baking soda, salt, and boiling water.

10 Move furniture easily


To move couches, beds, buffet, commode, etc., more easily, place bits of aluminum foil under the furniture in question’s legs as shown above.

This will allow it to slide more easily, especially on carpet floors.

11 Clean burnt food from pans

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If soap can’t get rid of the remains of last night’s burned dinner, don’t throw it away!

Gently scrub the burnt food with a balled-up piece of tin foil.

12 Remove rust from chrome surfaces


Just like burnt food, rust is nothing a simple ball of aluminum foil can’t fix.

Scrub it on the surface affected and see it shine again.

13 Seal plastic bags


This one is simply genius. If you need to seal a plastic bag, place a long piece of aluminum foil on the area you wish to secure before applying a hot iron.

The heat will make the plastic melt while the foil will prevent it from sticking to the surface nor the iron.

14 Use as a touchscreen


Surprisingly, touchscreens react to aluminum foil.

Coat a pen or your finger with it in order to be able to use your smartphone while wearing regular gloves.

15 Protect your doorknobs


Need to paint a door, but you’re out of paint and don’t trust your edging skills?

Just cover your doorknobs with aluminum foil to protect them.

16 Dispose of cooking grease


If you have dealt with cooking grease before, you know disposing of it is not easy. Because nothing clogs plumbing like the frying oil of your nanny’s fried chicken recipe you love so much.

Spare yourself the hassle of blocked piping by coating a bowl with tin foil and pouring the grease into it before close the aluminum sheet and throwing it in the garbage.

17 Always have a clean oven


To avoid constantly having to clean your oven every time something spills, place a layer of aluminum foil at the bottom of it.

This trick also helps proper heat distribution.

18 Clean your barbecue grill


You can clean your barbecue with a simple ball of aluminum foil.

All you have to do is scrub the grill to get rid of stains.

19 Curl your hair


To prevent heat damage while curling your hair, you just have to follow one simple trick.

Place a piece of aluminum foil between the flat iron and your hair.

20 Get creative with your cakes


Don’t spend hundreds on all kinds of different molds.

Get creative with your baking but save your money by using tin foil to make your own cake pans in any shape you want.

21 Clean glass pans


Frying pans are not the only kitchen tool aluminum will save from stubborn food residues.

You can also make your glass pans shine with a simple ball of foil.

22 Create cookie cutters


Make the most original cookies with this simple DIY cookie cutters idea.

A few tightly folded aluminum sheets will be sturdy enough to cut through the raw dough and flexible enough to shape it in any way you want.

23 Make homemade Lollipops


Thought making lollipops at home would be complicated? Think again.

All you need to mold this fun candy are a handful of sticks and just as many sheets of foil.

24 Protect your stove


Never spend an afternoon scrubbing your drip pans.

From now on, all you have to do is cover them in tin foil and enjoy never having to clean them again.

25 Make a ring light

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Improve your selfie game with this extremely cheap and easy to make DIY ring light.

All you need is a wire wreath and, of course, some metallic foil.

26 Prevent bananas from ripening too quickly


Not quite ready to bake banana bread just yet?

Prevent them from ripening too soon by wrapping the steam of your bananas with foil.

27 Optimize your slow cooker


Thought slow cookers were the best thing in the world?

Simplify your weeknights even more by cooking two dishes at once, thanks to this makeshift divider.

28 Bake the perfect pie crust


It seems all you need to bake the perfect pie crust every time is a simple ring of aluminum foil.

Wrap the edge of your pie in metal sheets and never see it burn again.

29 Hold your burrito


Everyone loves burritos, but no one likes making a mess with eating it.

Take your homemade breakfast burritos in the car on your way to work or eat your rice and beans number in the living room without jeopardizing your mom’s white carpet by wrapping your masterpiece in tin foil.

30 Keep your panini grill clean


A panini grill is a great invention. Hell, you can even make cookies in it!

We all love using it and we also all hate cleaning it. So don’t ever again by covering the plates with tin foil.

31 Line paint roller trays


Reuse your paint roller trays without having the clean them and staining everything else around in the process.

Just cover them with a few sheets of aluminum foil.

32 Make up camping utensils


Out enjoying yourself in the woods, but also out of utensils?

Don’t eat with your hands, just shape a few spoons with the tin foil in which your sandwich was wrapped.

33 Improvise a cupcake carrier


Safely take those gluten-free cupcakes to your son’s school without ruining all the efforts you put into writing “Happy Birthday Glenn” with sugars-free sparkles thanks to this great DIY cupcake carrier idea.

Isn’t that ingenious, and practical?

34 Make unmolding easy


Never have your brownies stick to the pan again and never struggle to unmold those lemon bars everyone loves.

Use a sheet of aluminum fold to easily take your creations out of the pan and into your beautiful serving platter.

35 Catch ice cream cone drips


Hate having that melting ice cream dripping down your hand but love eating a double scoops cone?

Next time you give in to yours and your kids’ summer treat desires, wrap the cones in foil and keep your hands clean and your taste buds happy.

36 Create kid projects


Aluminum foil can easily be turned into a fun canvas for your kids to express their creativity.

There are so many fun craft ideas out there. Check the web or use your own imagination.

37 Make perfect popsicles


Tin foil will not only keep popsicle sticks in place and help them freeze quickly and evenly, oh no!

It will also double as a drip catcher.

38 Remove nail polish


Simplify the annoying task of removing your nail polish by covering them with cotton balls dipped in remover and securing it with a piece of tin foil.

Never again spend long minutes fighting so that no traces of nail polish remain!

39 Capture the perfect lighting


Trying your hand at photography?

Don’t spend on professional equipment yet, but don’t skip on perfect lighting by making your own natural light reflector using, you guessed it, tin foil.

40 Soften up brown sugar


Soften hard brown sugar in five minutes by wrapping it in aluminum foil.

After that, bake it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

41 Keep paint brushes wet


Whether you are painting walls or canvas, having to wash your brushes every time you take a break by wrapping them in a wet paper towel and a sheet of aluminum foil.

This will prevent the paint to dry and ruin your brushes.


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