Affordable keto vegan ingredients: A practical list

By Marie – on in Food
Affordable keto vegan ingredients are everywhere. Just not the specialized high-fat snack aisle of luxury supermarkets.

The large array of sexy premade practical and mouth-watering high-fat snacks is certainly appealing, but if you are trying to do keto on a budget, get off Amazon. Affordable keto vegan ingredients are available at the grocery store. Forget about pricey low-carb pea protein bars and bottled high-fat drinks. Skip on overpriced dried coconut chunks in fancy packages they call chips for marketing purposes—which, we’ll admit, is quite effective—and other clever goodies that companies come up with in order to profit from the fad of the moment. The world is full of cheap high-fat plant-based options. You just have to look in the right places, and that is mainly the produce aisle.

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Vegan or not, avocado is a keto eater’s best friend. Buy them in bulk to save some pennies, but mainly because you’ll need them.

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Low-carb vegetables are the foundation of a plant-based high-fat diet. The best thing about them? They are cheap! Don’t buy organic if you can’t, and stock up on zucchini, cauliflower, celery, asparagus, mushrooms spinach and more.

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All natural nut butter

You don’t have to go for the fancy imported raw macadamia butter in the tiniest of jars. Opt for an affordable no-name Costco size jug of almond butter or peanut butter. As long as the only ingredient is nuts, you’re all good. And if you do want to incorporate other types of nut butter make them yourself!

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Vegetable oil is a must. And quality vegetable oil is also very important. But it does not have to be overly fancy. Pick a good extra virgin olive oil and other types of quality oils sold in bulk size to save.

Nuts and seeds

Don’t overspend on pricey almond flour, coconut flour and other low carb flour to make keto desserts and special recipes. Just buy nuts and seeds in bulk and make your own. These staples also make great on-the-go snacks, are perfect for breakfast recipes and will add a little crunch into your keto salads. And if chia seeds are too expensive, just skip them. You’ll survive.

Frozen berries

Berries are the only fruits that can easily fit into a keto diet. Buy them frozen and in bulk size to save money and keep them longer since you will not be eating a lot of them.


Make chips and seaweed rolls and get your minerals in by adding them to your meals. Packs of nori sheets are cheap and quite versatile with a little imagination.

Olives and gherkins

In preserves or in jars, pickled or packed in oil, these will cost nothing and make a perfect high fat and/or low carb snack or an addition to your dishes and meals.

Plant milk

Here is another one you can make yourself, but it can be quite time-consuming and chances are you’ll get through your plant milk jar a lot faster than your homemade nut butter. So just get it at the store.


It’s cheap, it’s versatile, it’s a good protein source. It’s got decent fat. It’s a perfect affordable keto vegan ingredients for any recipe.


You don’t have to live at Whole Foods to eat a plant-based high fat low carb diet. You can easily thrive on the lifestyle even on a budget by shopping smartly. You don’t even have to deprive yourself. Sure, you might have to skip on energy balls in pretty packages and make your own fat bombs; but with these affordable keto vegan ingredients, it certainly will not be difficult nor restrictive.

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