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21 ultimate summer low-carb salads for your keto diet

By Marie – on in Food
Eat light and high fat during the hottest days of the year with these delicious summer low-carb salads for your keto diet.

Who said salads had to be dull or repetitive or carb heavy? The ultimate hot summer meal can easily be adapted to a high-fat lifestyle, and by that, we don’t mean two lettuce leaves, three branches of celery, some mushrooms, a ton of olives and even more olive oil (but if that floats your boat…). So whenever you don’t feel like firing up the grill or can’t envision spending the afternoon in the kitchen frying up some deliciousness without dying of heat exhaustion, whip up on of these salad recipes. Suited for your keto lifestyle, fresh and delicious, it is the ultimate summer quick fix that won’t kick you out of ketosis for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And since not all veggies are created equal, pick yours wisely with these far-from-boring delicious summer low-carb salads for your keto diet.

Basically an Italian sub in salad form.

If summertime was a salad.

Health never tasted so good.

Lots of crunch and even more flavour.

Salad for breakfast never sounded so good.

A little exotic, a lot tasty.

Just give it a shot.

Sometimes, all you need is a keto-approved delicious old summer classic.

You could eat it in lettuce boats, collard greens wraps, nori sheets or how we are planning on enjoying it: on its own.

Last minute-friendly but no less tasty.

No lettuce no problem.

For when you are behind on your protein intake.

Yes, keto croutons are a thing!

A childhood favourite minus the carbs.

For that fancy summertime lunch.

Classic keto made easy.

Who thought iceberg could sound so fancy.

This might be the perfect picnic keto salad.

Part Levantine, part keto.

Freshness in a bowl, the keto way.

Come summertime, forget about keto fast food – except perhaps a delicious made to order chipotle bowl – and other more winter appropriate heavy dishes such as fettuccine alfredo – except dessert, heavy dessert is acceptable all year long. Whether you are a bacon lover a plant-based high fat eater, keep it light and fresh with these delicious recipes of low-carb salads for your keto diet.

Cover credit: Lavi Perchik | Unsplash