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Vintage Photos That Took It Way Too Far

From surprising to mind-blowing, these rare groovy photos from the past will make you do a double and even a triple-take.

These funky photographs from the past will surprise you with some unexpected little known facts. These photos will have you doing double-takes on first viewing. Get ready to get your mind blown with these serious perfect-for-carpool trivia facts from the past featuring visual receipts that might make your heart skip a beat. Hopefully, you have health insurance…

1 Going braless


In the 1970s, women advocated liberation, and what better way to feel liberated than to go out without a bra? this movement began in the 1960s with the Women’s Liberation Movement, when not only did women not wear their bras, but they burned them!

This political movement has been much talked about, and nowadays the trend is returning.

2 Kathy Ireland for Sports Illustrated in 1987


As far as being a supermodel goes, Kathy Ireland always hits a home run. Not only did she appear in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, but Ireland also has a current net worth of $420 million.

She also has her own corporation and has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies.

3 Elizabeth Taylor on the set of movie “Giant”


Taken by photographer Frank Worth, this image is one of the best, among many, of film legend Elizabeth Taylor, more commonly known only as Liz. She died at the age of 79 in 2011 and will remain forever engraved in the collective memory.

Liz Taylor began her career at the age of only 10, experiencing immediate success with films such as “Lassie Come Home” and “National Velvet”. The film “Giant”, on whose set this photo was taken, dates from 1956.

4 Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh at Studio 54 in the 1970s


In the 70’s, Studio 54 was the nightclub to go to in NYC if you were rich and famous. It was a drug-fueled, dancing frenzy for the likes of Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, Cher, Liza Minnelli, and Michael Jackson.

The premise was simple, a velvet rope separated the undesirables from entering and purchasing drinks in the club  – while the famous and beautiful partied inside. Here’s a shot of mother/daughter Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis inside the legendary club.

5 Jamie Lee Curtis in the seventies


Jamie Lee Curtis was the ultimate scream queen. Curtis dominated the horror scene back in the days, Halloween being the most famous of them all.

1980’s Trading Spaces got her to be renown within a new category of movies, which also made her win amazing prices.

6 Barbi Benton in 1979

Actress, television personality and singer, Barbi Benton is best known for her modeling career, especially when she began working with Playboy magazine at the age of 18. She was Hugh Hefner’s wife from 1969 to 1976.

After meeting her second husband, whom she married in 1979, she left the spotlight to become a full-time mother and raise their two children. However, this did not stop her from releasing a fourth and final album in 1988, “Kinetic Voyage”.

7 Lynda Carter from the ‘Skateboard Wiz’ 1978 episode of “Wonder Woman”


This was back in the days, when skateboarding was sort of new. So every TV show tried to tie into the craze. Even Wonder Woman who apparently needed to wear a helmet.

Spoiler Alert: In the end, everyone goes out and buys pizza.

8 Raquel Welch in the controversial Bluebeard


Bluebeard, the immortal story of a pilot who has a penchant for going away with his wives. Raquel Welch plays Magdalena, a promiscuous nun who loves to talk about what she’s been getting up to while she’s in the habit.

At the time of the film, Welch was freshly divorced from her second husband, Patrick Curtis, and was in a career peak adding zeros to her bank account digits.

9 Raquel Welch didn’t like glamour


In this picture, we the see lovely Raquel Welch lounging on a yellow sofa without a care in the world. Ms. Welch was one of the most infamous sex symbols of her generation and probably of all time.

Although her looks brought her fame and fortune, in private she was quite reserved and had a distaste for glamour and purchasing expensive objects.

10 Susan Sarandon in Cannes, 1978


Susan Sarandon is one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses. She began her career in 1969 after auditioning for the film “Joe” and has never ceased to dazzle us in each of her roles.

The now 73-year-old actress is also very committed. Indeed, she is a fervent anti-war activist and she never hesitates to share her political opinions or to assert civil rights. A great woman, this Susan!

11 Betty Brosmer showing her astonishing measurements


Talk about some crazy, unnatural measurements. Betty Brosmer was a bodybuilder, fitness instructor, and pinup model.

She was the highest-paid supermodel of the 1950s and won more than 50 beauty contests before the age of 20 yrs. Her measurements were 38-18-36 which is quite unatural and probably required treatment.

12 Jerry Hall partying in the 70’s


Jerry Hall was a model throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s and she began having an affair with Mick Jagger in 1977 while he was married to Bianca Jagger. They ended up becoming common-law spouses and then had an unofficial wedding ceremony in 1990.

The couple had four children together before once again, Jagger proved he couldn’t settle down. There were far too many models in the world…

13 Sophia Loren’s body double in the 50’s


Scilla Gabel led a fascinating double life throughout the 1960s. On one hand, she worked as an actress in films like Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure and Outlaws of Love, while also working as the body double for Sophia Loren, arguably one of the most famous actresses of the ‘60s, and definitely the most famous Italian actress of the era.

Allegedly, in order to make her look less like Sophia Loren, Gabel had multiple surgeries and treatments requiring long recovery time. Even though she didn’t end up earning more film roles, she did study law at Oxford, so at least she had something to fall back on.

14 Emily Banks as Yeoman Tonia Barrows on “Star Trek”, 1966

Actress Emily Banks is best known for her role as Yeoman Tonia Barrows on the 1966 “Shore Leave” episode of the original Star Trek series. But Banks also appeared on episodes of Dragnet, Love American Style, Fantasy Island, Bewitched, Airwolf, and Highway to Heaven.

She got her start in 1960 when she was elected Miss Rheingold and appeared in ads and promotions for Rheingold Beer.

15 Casting director Mali Finn audition polaroids from the 1980s


Everybody has to start somewhere. These now famous movie icons had to go through the audition process like everyone else. Casting director Mali Finn’s collection of routine polaroids is a regular who’s who of future Hollywood stars.

During her career, Finn was responsible for casting so of the biggest stars in some of the biggest career-making roles. We wonder how much these are worth now. Some people would probably be willing to go bankrupt for one of these.

16 Meryl Streep as a varsity high school cheerleader in 1966


Here is the star of Sophie’s Choice back in 1966 when she was a varsity high school cheerleader on the Bernards High School Mountaineers squad in Summit, New Jersey.

It seems that when she wasn’t in class, she was doing cheers!

17 Billy Joel being illegal in 1974


Early Billy Joel was kind of cool. Here he is back in 1974 hanging out next to a sign, being ironic.

We don’t think he ever went to trial for this infraction.

18 Pam Grier as a beauty pageant winner in the 1960s


Before she was Foxy Brown, actress Pam Grier was a young beauty queen. Grier was the very first African American woman in the action movie business.

In the 70s, she was dubbed queen of the blaxplotation genre due to her roles in Coffy, Black Mama White Mama, and of course, Foxy Brown.

19 Using a map in the 1970s


Remember when maps were made of paper and didn’t talk to tell you the way? Back in old-timey days, the concept of a GPS did no exist. During the 1970s, lost motorists had to pull out a map or stop at a gas station to ask directions.

Now, all that’s been replaced by a soothing voice on your phone that tells you where to go unless you are against purchasing technology.

20 People lining up to eat at McDonald’s for the first time in Moscow, 1980


Before the Iron Curtain came down, you had to wait in line for everything in Russia. Though the 1980 arrival of McDonald’s in the Soviet Union didn’t change everything overnight, it was a shape of things to come.

It was estimated that 30,000 people waited outside the American fast-food chain and paid the equivalent of several days’ wages only to buy Big Macs, shakes, and french fries.

21 Bill Paxton, Liam Neeson and Patrick Swayze in “Next of Kin”, 1989


This 1989 flop features Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson, Adam Baldwin, Bill Paxton a.k.a. Chet from Weird Science and even Ben Stiller.

That is quite a surprising group that’s definitely full of energy.

22 Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston listening to records at home, 1971


This was one crazy Hollywood power-couple. At 21, Houston left her modelling career and moved from New York to Los Angeles where she met and immediately fell in love with Nicholson.

Their relationship lasted 17 years and ended after Nicholson told Houston he was having a child with a younger woman. We hope she was the one who kept the real estate.

23 Willie Nelson’s mug shot


Dated from 1974, this mug shot of Willie Nelson was taken by the Dallas Police Department for possession of marijuana. The musician first called his lawyer from jail for marijuana possession in Dallas in 1974.

He was arrested again in 2010 in Sierra, Texas. After that arrest, Nelson created the TeaPot party under the motto “Tax it, regulate it and legalize it!”

24 George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in 1967


The pair is pictured visiting Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco for the “Summer of Love” in 1967.

Georges, here trading handshakes, has said that this was a defining moment when he knew the hippie movement was over.

25 Taking a Dr. Pepper break on set of Halloween, 1978


Even scary movie monsters get thirsty.

Here’s actor Tony Moran – taking a break from slashing people on set to clown around after buying an ice cold Dr. Pepper.

26 Bob Dylan playing music on a porch in Greenwood, Mississippi 1963


Early Bob Dylan was the coolest. A champion for the people, on July 2nd, 1963, Dylan and folk singer Pete Seeger performed in a cotton field in Greenwood, Mississippi – as part of a civil rights voter registration rally.

Pictured above is Dylan playing on the back porch of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) office – which was one of the major Civil Rights Movement organizations of the ’60s and founded by Ella Baker from Shaw University.

27 Catherine Bach in 1980s


Catherine Bach was one of the queens of the 70s and 80s. Her role as Daisy Duke on the Southern redneck TV show, The Dukes of Hazzard made her, and her legs, famous. Back in the day, she had an insurance for her famous legs of $1 million.

Recently Bach spoke out about Hollywood’s obsession with being skinny and body image. She pointed out that she was slim during her heyday on Hazzard because she was an athlete and not from starving herslef. She kept herself in shape during her Daisy Duke days by dancing three hours a day, hiking, and swimming.

28 An 18-year-old Bruce Lee with his master, Ip Man, 1958


Bruce Lee was such a badass. But every star has to learn from someone; Ip Man was a Cantonese martial artist and a master teacher of Wing Chun, who taught him his tricks.

How needs master’s degree from a university when you can have a master like Ip Man. Sadly Ip died in 1972 from throat cancer, only seven months before the death of his prized student.

29 John Kennedy Jr., Hyannis Beach, 1980


Here the rich, hunky, son of a president enjoying the weather during the 1980s Labor Day Weekend at Hyannis Beach, Massachusetts. JFK Jr. was born in 1960, two weeks after his father was elected president.

So we are pretty sure he never though twice before buying something he wanted. His childhood nickname was “John-John,” which made reporter think they were mishearing JFK when he called him “John” twice in quick succession.

30 Man riding on top of a mattress truck in Atlanta traffic, 1968


This looks like a scene straight out of a TV show. Here’s a man who takes leisure to a whole new level as he rides on top of a pile of mattresses in Atlanta traffic.

Apparently, driver safety codes in 1968 weren’t as strict as they are today. Hopefully, he had health insurance, but we doubt it.

31 On the set of “Planet of the Apes” California, 1967


The 1968 sci-fi classic, with screenplay by Rod Serling, has the best twist ending of all time – when astronaut Heston sees the submerged Statue of Liberty – and realizes he’s been on earth this whole time. (Sorry for the spoiler.)

The man was so invested in thinking he was on another planet.

32 Janis Joplin in front of the Port Arthur sign, Texas


Janis Joplin is the most famous person to ever come out of Port Arthur, Texas. Last year, her childhood home in Port Arthur was up for sale. It was originally listed at $500,000 but was reduced to $200,000; despite being appraised at $52,500.

I guess no one wants to live in Port Arthur; not even in a music icons former home. We wonder which home buyer now lives there.

33 At the supermarket in hair curlers back in the 1960s


Times have changed. Back in the 60s, the role of women was largely seen by society as being a housewife, taking care of the home, and making sure you looked pretty for your husband when he comes home from work.

That being said, it also meant putting on curlers and shopping for their husband’s chicken pot pie dinner.

34 Tom Hanks on “Happy Days” in 1982


Yes, Tom Hanks was a guest star on Happy Days where he appeared as an old nemesis of ‘Fonzie’ seeking revenge. The episode is called: A Little Case Of Revenge. It aired in 1982 as part of the show’s 10th season.

Hanks plays a character who returns to settle a 17-year grudge with Fonzi – concerning a beef when The Fonz pushed him off a swing when they were youngsters. Instead of settling it with lawyers, he prefered to use his karate skills.

35 Bob Marley, Mick Jagger and Peter Tosh, 1978


What a trio. This photo was taken in 1978,  around the time when Mick Jagger recorded with Peter Tosh on the song: Don’t Look Back.

This photo was actually taken backstage at a Rolling Stones concert at the Palladium in New York on June 19th, 1978. Reggae was a big influence on the Rolling Stone and the world would never recover.

36 Two men and a kitten hitchhiking to Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic near Austin, TX, 1980


Why does it not seem so hard to believe that this motley pair, and a kitten, would be hitchhiking on route to a Willie Nelson concert in Austin, Texas?

Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic attracted a wholesome crowd such as this pair and we bet very few people in the crowd actually had a mortgage or even a bank account.

37 “Texting” back in the day, hoping not to get caught by the teacher


Long before we all had iPhones, the only way to send a message to your friends was to pass them a note and hope the teacher doesn’t catch you. One secret spy way to pass a note was to write it on a piece of paper small enough to fit inside the cap of a pen.

Then roll up the paper and place it inside of the pen and have it transferred all the way to the person it was destined to.

38 Louie Armstrong in the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, 1962


Louie Armstrong was America’s ambassador of jazz. In 1962, Armstrong visited Guantanamo Bay Naval Station as part of his tour for the troops.

I don’t know who carried his bags on that trip, but we hope the man knew that this was worth a lot more than his pay check.

39 Raquel Welch on her audition for “Gilligan’s Island”, 1964

Yes, Raquel Welch audition for the role of girl-next-door, Mary Anne. She probably didn’t get the part because she was too sexy and not enough girl-next-door.

We have to credit the casting crew for sticking to their guidelines for the character.

Source: Groovyhistory